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So just remove the password on the flash drive

So just remove the password on the flash drive – Flash disk is a storage device that connects to a computer or laptop through a USB port. One of the reasons why flash drives are widely used by users is that they are small and don’t take up much space when taken anywhere. The existence of flash is needed by people trying out a program or reinstalling it when they don’t have a CD drive.

In the previous article we discussed how to give the flash a password with the help of the Bitlocker application. The role of this password is very useful, because it can save important data in the flash, so that a break-in is not easy for thieves. However, specifying a password will also cause difficulties if we open but forget the password

method Remove password On lightningIsk easy

The existence of a flash drive is one of the factors behind the decline in the use of floppy disks and CD drives as they have increased capacity and size that are very easy to take with you anywhere. So many uses today by workers, students, college students, and the general public. So what are the advantages of a flash drive? First, let’s look at some of the benefits:

  • The size of the flash is very simple and small and has a large enough storage capacity
  • Flashdisk can be used for bootable Linux and Windows installation media
  • The flash driver is very easy to install and is compatible with different types of laptops with different operating systems
  • The price of lightning is very affordable for all people

Because of the many conveniences that the flash drive offers, many people store important files on the flash. These important files are easily stolen if there is no password to back them up. The password function on the flash is actually an important thing and has several functions, namely to secure the flash and to protect the data that is on the flash.

With the many functions involved in assigning passwords, it can also be a major problem, especially for users who often forget their own passwords. Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss how to remove the password that is on the flash drive.

How to remove the password on a flash drive using Bitlocker

  • Connect the flash drive to a USB port on a computer or laptop
  • After the flash has been recognized and is still in a state in the password
Password on flash
  • Then open BitLocker Drive Encryption to remove the password on the flash drive
  • Then select the flash that is currently password locked and click Unlock Driver
Remove the password on the flash drive
  • Enter the password, then click Unlock (to open access and change the system on the flash drive).
  • The next step is to clear the password by clicking Disable Bitlocker (i.e. disable the password on the flash drive so the flash drive does not have a password).
How to remove the password on flash
  • Then a dialog box will appear asking you to verify that the password is really being removed or that the flash is being decrypted. Click Disable Bitlocker
  • After that, it will show the decryption process, wait for it to finish. Usually this process takes a long time to wait, so it takes time.
How to remove the password on flash
  • Done, your friend’s password, which is on the flash, is no longer there and is back as before

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Shut down

This is how you remove the password on the flash easily and quickly. So users don’t have to bother memorizing passwords again if they want to use Flash quickly. Hopefully useful, friends Vexa Game.

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