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Here's how to create shortlinks easily

Hello Vexa friends, Vexa friends probably know, right? Well this time I’m going to discuss how to easily create shortlinks and this web service is very helpful for friends – friends can shorten website links and customize them, friend. Selat that can be used to shorten your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or WhatsApp links. How are you cool or not? Here Mimin offers a tutorial from registering to creating the shortlink, friend.

A. As a first step, visit the website

1. After the main page appears, click the Sign In button or select the free Friend column.


2. Next, after you hit the “Sign In” button, you’ll see an ad like this, Friend, You can select Sign in to Google or Email.

Sign in
Sign in

3. Next there are questions How are you going to use your links? Well, this is where vexa friends are asked what the link is for? if I choose which one For personal use only

personal use

4. Next, vexa friends are asked what are you trying to do When the admin creates a link for social media marketing purposes. There are several ways, friend, Vexa-friend, choose your own according to their needs.

Photo what a little ly

B. Registration successful

1. After successful registration it will look like the picture below, friend. And then vexa friends to ask for email activation.

Activate account

2. To activate, vexa friends can open the registration e-mail. Then vexa friends can click directly Confirm your email

Activate email

3. Now that we have successfully verified the email, it is time to practice creating a short link, friend. vexa friends, just click Create , then Vexa friends can set the link that you want to customize. Some information, friend, this link can be taken from Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and many others that you may want to customize.

4. Wait a few minutes, the link you entered will be generated automatically by the shortlink, friend, usually still in the form of an illegible code, but calm down, friend. Vexa friends can customize links however they want. After completing the customization, you can click directly on Create

Shortlink with

5. There’s something interesting about it, friend, we’re also making a custom short name link. We can also monitor the analysis of how many links we share, many clicks every day, my friend. By the way, Mimin only made one and I haven’t shared it yet, so the graphics aren’t there, buddy.

Simply create shortlinks

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Shut down

How about brother, there is no tutorial on how to easily create shortlinks interesting. Now this shortlink can support your online business, friend, for example, you can create a WhatsApp link with a custom name for your online store, shop and paste it in your Instagram or Facebook post, friend. Well, of course, your online store will be more beautiful. See you again, friend, and look forward to more social media tips and tricks.

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