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PUBG Monster Trucks: How to Complete Royale Pass Missions

PUBG Mobile Monster Truck – PUBG is one of the battlefield games that features attractive graphics with exciting gameplay. No wonder the PUBG game managed to register itself as one of the favorite games downloaded by many gamers around the world.

In PUBG you have to fight to the last drop of blood and kill all existing enemies to get a chicken dinner.

You can choose the best weapons, therapeutic strategies, and items that can help you survive in the PUBG battle zone.

PUBG mobile monster truck

There are also vehicles in PUBG that allow you to move easily and quickly from one area to another.

One type of vehicle in PUBG is a monster truck or monster truck.

Well, this time we’re going to discuss things about PUBG Monster Trucks.

We will also discuss how to complete the Royale Pass missions that require you to use this PUBG monster trick.

PUBG monster truck Cell phone, mobile phone

This monster truck is a special vehicle only available on the Livik map. As the name suggests, this monster truck is an unusually large truck.

Monster trucks are featured on the Livik map to make it easier for players to move from one location to another quickly and safely.

This monster truck is designed to conquer the difficult terrain on the Livik map. However, the shape of this large and tall vehicle makes it easy for the enemy to see where you are.

Because of this, it is not recommended to use a monster truck in the end zone or the last zone.

How to complete the 4000 meter Royale Pass mission using a monster truck

In the third week of the Royale Pass missions, there are missions in which you have to travel a total of 4000 meters with a monster truck in Classic mode.

This mission is pretty easy to complete as there are many monster trucks that you can meet in PUBG.

To complete this Royale Pass mission you will need to play with the Livik map in Classic mode.

To get the Monster Truck right away, you can drive down right in the middle of the Kraftwerk and Holdhus area. You can also find monster trucks in Aqueduct and Crabgrass.

After getting the Monster Truck, you can focus on exploring the map until you cover a distance of 4000 meters. When you have driven 4000 meters, you can commit suicide or end the game.

How to complete the PUBG Monster Truck Royale Pass mission. Hopefully the information we provide about the PUBG Monster Truck will be useful. That’s all for today’s presentation on Monster Truck PUBG, enjoy playing!

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