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Crimson Moon Bundle Mobile Legend, that's it

Crimson Moon Bundle Mobile Legend – Mobile Legends has a bundle pack of multiple items for you to purchase. You may already be familiar with the Weekly Elite Bundle and Monthly Epic Bundle, which include diamonds, rare skin fragments, aurora crystals and also battle point cards.

Bundles in Mobile Legends that you can buy aren’t just Elite and Epic bundles. You can also buy other bundles like the Crimson Moon Bundle.

But before you buy the Crimson Moon Bundle, you should read this article first.

Crimson Moon Bundle Mobile Legend
Crimson Moon Bundle Mobile Legend

Reading this article can help you find out the contents of the Crimson Moon Bundle. If the contents of the package are indeed not what you expected, you can undo the intention to purchase this package.

Contents of the Crimson Moon Package Mobile legends

The Crimson Moon Bundle in Mobile Legends costs Rp. 15,000. When you buy the bundle for fifteen thousand, you get a 3 day test card hero switch, 3 day test card skin change bundle Crimson Moon, 4 rare skin fragments and also 50 aurora crystals.

This is what you get after purchasing the Crimson Moon Bundle.

Profitable Crimson Moon Bundle?

The Crimson Moon Bundle disappointed some buyers. It happened because they thought they would get permanent Skin and Hero Change by purchasing the Crimson Moon Bundle.

Since the skins and heroes provided are just test cards, buying this pack is not very profitable.

As with the test card in general, the specified hero and skin switch may not be usable in rank mode. Even if some players prefer to play in ranked mode rather than other modes.

Although this bundle contains 50 Aurora Crystals, this bundle is still considered less profitable compared to the Aurora Crystal Monthly Pass.

The number of rare fragments on offer is also not too large, which makes purchasing this bundle less attractive.

Enough articles dealing with the Mobile Legends of the Crimson Moon Bundle.

Hopefully this article can enlighten those of you looking to buy a bundle in Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to always find out what the bundle contains before buying so that you won’t be disappointed after your purchase.

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