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The easiest way to change your mobile number on JKN Mobile

How to change the mobile number at jkn mobile – The mobile number is one of the most important personal data.

In fact, cell phone numbers are widely used these days for account registration or verification of personal information.

Including for account registration with JKN Mobile, a digital service application for BPJS Health participants.

How to change phone number on jkn Mobile
How to change phone number in Health bpjs

However, for some reason, sometimes someone wants to change the cell phone number registered in the JKN mobile application

Unfortunately there are still many BPJS Health participants who do not know how to change the Health bpjs mobile number

Well, here is a guide on how to change cell phone number from BPJS Health and important tips to keep the number change process going smoothly.

How to change the BPJS health number

Before proceeding with the tutorial on how to change your cell phone number on JKN Mobile, there are a few things to consider.

Make sure the number you want to register is active

Make sure the new number you registered with the JKN Mobile application is still active. Because later, the BPJS Kesehatan sends a verification code via SMS to the new number that you have registered.

Latest version of the JKN mobile application

If you encounter problems such as For example, if access to the application is not smooth or features that cannot be used, there is a possibility that your application has not been updated.

So before you change your BPJS Health cell phone number, you should Update the latest version of the application first.

Prepare other data and files

To make changing phone numbers faster on JKN Mobile, prepare other data and files such as ID cards, BPJS Health membership cards, and family cards.

How to change the HP NO on JKN Mobile

After making sure that the JKN Mobile application installed on your device is the latest version and all the necessary files have been prepared, just follow the tutorial on changing HP number on JKN Mobile below:

  1. Contact the BPJS Health Center at 1500 400
  2. After connecting, please tell Customer Service if you want to change the member phone number
  3. Next, customer service will request some of your personal data as per the data on BPJS
  4. If it is correct, Customer Service will confirm the number change and a verification code will be sent to your new number
  5. Verify your newest mobile number again and now your BPJS Health mobile number has been successfully changed.

Now the BPJS Health cell phone number listed in your JKN Mobile application has changed. So if there is a notification related to the BPJS health program, the application and the SMS will be entered under this number

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