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How to watch TV online for free using gadgets

Television is a means of entertainment when we are bored. In its day, television even became a source for getting various information and news. Well, in the age of fast growing technology like this, television doesn’t seem like the prima donna anymore, friend. Either way, people prefer to spend their time playing cell phones for hours, whether it’s surfing the internet, opening social media, or just streaming videos. Hence, in this era, people are relying more on the sophistication of their cellphones for various activities, one of which is watching TV. However, there are still many people who do not know how to watch TV online for free on their cell phones. Let’s check out the following article that will take you into the world of free streaming TV.

So watch online for free on laptops and smartphones

Watching TV online can be done on various media such as personal computers, laptops and cell phones. Sometimes there are many factors that prevent us from having time to watch TV, one of which is work density. Well, you can use existing technology like a laptop or smartphone to watch TV online, which of course also requires an internet connection, friend. So what are the websites or applications that we can use to watch TV shows online? Let’s take a look at the following review.

1. Video

How to watch TV online for free
Source: AppAgg

Who doesn’t know the video? Surely Vexa’s friend knows that word, right? Yes, Vidio is a service that makes it easy to watch TV online for free. You can watch a lot of TV shows through various national local TV channels in Indonesia, from RCTI to TransTV. It is very easy to watch, my friend just click on the TV channel you want to watch.

2. Indonesian television

Another way to watch TV online for free is to download the Indonesian TV application, friend. This service is also available on various national local TV channels in Indonesia where you can watch your favorite shows.

3. Use TV

Source: YouTube

Usee TV is the next featured TV service that lets you watch TV online for free. You can go straight to the Usee TV website and select the channel you want to watch. This online TV service is a product of Telekom and Indihome, so you can watch more TV channels by subscribing to Indihome on either PC or TV. Unfortunately, if you do not have a subscription, you can enjoy only a few local TV channels and some international TV channels and only channels not marked with the gray icon for free.

4th Mivo

How to watch TV online for free
Source: Google Play

The next recommendation is Mivo, which is available in the form of an application and also an official website. So my friend can watch TV with Mivo on his cell phone or laptop. In addition, you don’t need a high quality internet connection. So, friends, you can watch your favorite TV channels with just a regular internet connection, it’s definitely fun, isn’t it?

5. NHK world

Source: NHK

For Vexa fans who really like Japanese shows, NHK World is the right choice. If you don’t understand Japanese very well, don’t worry, as NHK World is intended for overseas viewers. No wonder NHK World is the first largest Japanese TV site and is known to the general public and can be enjoyed in multiple languages ​​including Indonesian.

6. 123TV

Online television is certainly not limited by reach as it uses the internet. For friends who want to watch TV online for free with foreign broadcasts, you can visit 123TV site as long as you are using a VPN. The 123TV service contains many American television channels that are dominated by entertainment, sports, and news. This is perfect for those of you who want to get rid of the boredom on the edge of work, friend. Some of the channels that you can enjoy are ABC and Fox News.

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Shut down

If you are bored at work or boarding, the internet is a great place to find out how to watch TV online for free. Not only can you get rid of the fatigue, but you can also switch off the social media addicting you for a moment. Well, these are some recommendations for watching TV sites that you can enjoy on your respective devices for free.

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