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How to create shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox

It’s fun to explore the world of the internet. Where from? We can find a variety of information and entertainment by visiting websites or web sites on the internet. Sometimes there is one or more websites that grab the attention of Vexa friends, right? Well, you can save the website address you know via a shortcut on the desktop. This article is about shortcuts, friend. Are you a Firefox browser user? Do you know how to create shortcuts in Mozilla? Let’s keep watching the following review.

Know the definition and functions of shortcuts

In the age of technology like today, many human workplaces are supported by the presence of computers and smartphones. Proof of the results of technological development is the existence of shortcuts on technological devices such as computers. Shortcuts can help people get things done faster, friend. Although the presence of shortcuts is very useful, there are still some people who are unaware of them.

Shortcut is a commuter feature that enables users to shorten the steps involved in a job that requires a process. Shortcut is a combination of the words short and cut. The link is therefore a function to shorten a long process in a short or short way.

Usually, the shortcut you create will appear on your computer’s desktop screen. This is certainly very helpful to us as it doesn’t take a long process to access or review anything, my friend. The size of the link is also small, generally no more than 1 MB, somewhere between 1 KB and 10 KB, depending on the type of link you are creating. So Vexa friends don’t have to worry about shortcuts as they don’t take up a lot of memory. Some of the uses of shortcuts include:

  1. Create shortcuts for files and folders
  2. Executing an application or computer program link
  3. Create a site address link

Hence, there are different types of shortcuts, buddy, file shortcuts, folder shortcuts, application and program shortcuts, web address shortcuts and so on. Well, the discussion this time around is about creating a shortcut for a website or site address in a browser like Firefox.

How to create shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox

You need to know how to create a shortcut in Firefox. If you want to open it again, just click the shortcut icon. This of course makes it easier for you to visit the site without having to re-enter it in the browser’s address bar. In addition, if you clear your browsing history and don’t remember the website address, it definitely becomes more difficult. Well my friend needn’t worry, here are the steps to create a shortcut on Mozilla Firefox

  • First, open the Firefox browser and run it
  • Enter the website address where the link will be created and visit it
  • Next, after the website is open, you can move or minimize the browser a bit so that the desktop screen is visible
How to create shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox
  • The next step is to hover your mouse pointer over the website icon on the left side of the address bar.
  • Then drag and drop to the desktop screen (click and hold the icon, then drag and drop it to the desktop and release)
How to create shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox
  • The shortcut is displayed on the desktop and is ready. Clicking the link will take you straight to the website without using a browser
How to create shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox

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Shut down

Having the shortcut function on the computer really helps it work faster. You can use shortcuts to access files, folders, or site addresses without taking up too much time. That’s a little retrospective of creating a shortcut in Mozilla Firefox. Please try and hopefully useful.

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