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How to set the aiming aid PUBG must know!

Aiming Aid is a feature in PUBG Mobile that is often overlooked by many PUBG Mobile gamers. Aiming Aid is a feature in PUBG Mobile that allows your aim to automatically follow your opponent. The purpose of this feature is so that players can easily aim at opponents and hit them more easily. The aim assist feature can help you during the game if you know how to use the feature. If you don’t know, this is the time for those of you who don’t know how to use it. Read how to set Aiming Aid for PUBG Mobile below!

This is how you set the aiming aid

how to set the aiming aid PUBG
Source: Youtube

a) Aiming aid can be found in the PUBG Mobile settings. Then select Basic and the aim help area can be selected to activate.

b) For other settings, you can adjust your choice or follow the picture settings above.

c) For single, burst or auto modes; Aiming Aid will continue to work and will change the direction of your target closer to the enemy. It goes without saying that the higher the scope that the player is using, the less the aiming aid works. So if you are using Scope 6X or Scope 8X it is of course much more difficult to rely on the aiming aids.

PUBG Mobile Aiming Aid Tips

a.The opponent must be visible in the scope shot

Source: Youtube

The opponent is trying to fall within the scope of the scope. So if you use a riflescope like Red Dot Sight, Holo Sight or Scope 2X, make sure your opponent is visible and in the rifle scope. If it can be seen within range of your shot, rest assured that when you fire a gun you will instantly track it.

b. Make sure the opponent is in an open area

Source: Youtube

An open area is an ideal place for aiming assistance. So, if you want your aiming aid to work effectively and efficiently, you need to make sure beforehand that there is no obstacle that can block your and your opponent’s view. The open area is the perfect place for you to use Aiming aid, because there is no obstacle that can restrict your shot. Unlike closed areas such as buildings or buildings, where walls or other objects can easily block the target of your weapon.

c. It is not necessary to aim at the enemy for too long

how to set the aiming aid PUBG
Source: Youtube

Don’t take too long to aim at the enemy because if you activate this feature you won’t have to aim too long or too closely at the enemy. Aiming aids are useful so that you can aim yourself. So if suddenly there is an enemy in front of you, you can aim immediately and shoot them quickly. Because if you want to shoot, your aim is straight at the enemy from the first shot. So you don’t have to waste time aiming at the enemy for a long time.

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Aiming help can be a feature that is very profitable to its users. Since you can’t use it in training mode, the only way to train is to use it in normal games. Keep practicing and Goal Assist can be a feature you can rely on! What do you think of Vexa’s friends on how to set aiming aid for PUBG Mobile? Are you interested in using it? Until next time.

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