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How to get free Hay Day gear

This is how you get free Hay Day gear that Vexa friends may really need in a few important ways. There are several ways to get free Hay Day gear that Vexa friends can practice very easily. How to get Hay Day Free Equipment is not difficult, Vexa fans don’t have to spend a penny. Also, learn how to play Hay Day to get rich quick!

Whatever the case, when expanding the camp or doing other things, Vexa Buddy needs to collect some equipment first. Getting these tools is also very diverse from easy to hard to get. This is certainly a challenge in itself that will test the patience of Vexa friends. Even so, in this exciting game, Vexa friends can still do many things while waiting to get gear.

How to get free Hay Day gear

There are several different ways to get free Hay Day gear that Vexa friends can do. Even so, Vexa friends need to be patient as the results may not match. This is the only way Vexa Friends can get free equipment that Vexa Friends may need. Prepare the Hay Day game on your Vexa buddy smartphone. How to get free Hay Day equipment easily and practically:

Take farm animals

How to get free Hay Day gear
Source: Youtube retno fitiani

Vexa friends who already have farm animals such as cows, sheep, goats, chickens etc. can feel comfortable. The more farm animals Vexa Friend has, the more opportunities to get free equipment. Because what Vexa friends have to do is simply take the results from Vexa’s animal farms. If you are lucky, there will be additional income in the form of various equipment and maybe what Vexa friends really need. Make sure you always feed the animals and not starve them as Vexa Buddies may one day need their products.


How to get free Hay Day gear
Source: Youtube retno fitiani

Harvesting the results from plants that Vexa friends have planted can provide opportunities for Vexa friends as well. Having a variety of plants ready for harvest can increase the chances of Vexa aficionados getting equipment for free and easily. Not only is this method profitable, but it can also motivate Vexa friends to keep planting. Plant the plants you need, don’t leave your field empty. Make sure you always prepare the plants that Vexa friends need especially for animal feed, which is a very important part. Plants in the field are one of Vexa’s roots for doing many things in your Vexa’s garden.

Feeding pets

How to get free Hay Day gear
Source: Youtube retno fitiani

The role of pets, which is also important in this game, can give Vexa Friends another edge. In addition to playing a role in farming, you can also provide equipment for Vexa friends. Take good care of them and always give them food or drink. They can also offer options in the form of equipment. The more pets you have Vexa friends, the greater the chances of getting equipment. Various pets can also benefit Vexa’s own friends in gardening maintenance. Simple things that Vexa Friends don’t need to withdraw cash to get equipment in Hay Day game.

Take the train or go to the town hall

town hall
Source: Youtube Ni Wayan June Astari

Town hall, Vexa friends can offer different kinds of services and get a lot of visitors. This place can also be a great opportunity for Vexa friends to get equipment for free. The more facilities Vexa Friends have, the more opportunities you have to get equipment for free and easily. This is very helpful for Vexa friends who are struggling to get equipment. So make sure that Vexa Friends always carefully supervise the facilities that Vexa Friends have in town hall.

Treasure in the sea

Floating treasure chest
Source: Youtube Ricky Burnett

Don’t forget to take a look at the treasure floating in the sea, it can also give equipment to Vexa friends. Make sure Vexa friends don’t forget to set their sights on the existence of this treasure. It has content that a Vexa friend might really need. Once opened, the treasure disappears. Because don’t let Vexa friends forget the existence of this treasure after you’ve finished harvesting, looking after farm animals, feeding pets and taking care of the town hall. Always check the sea.

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Vexa friends already know a useful way to decorate and explore the Hay Day game. Find out more about Hay Day, who helps Vexa Friends beautify the fields and other things. Beautify your Vexa friend’s box and get all of your Hay Day needs in an easy and convenient way. Play the game wisely and rest. If you want to share something with Vexa friends, e.g. B. Tips, tricks and reviews, please share them in the comment column. OK!

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