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How to Get Free Diamond Mobile Legends 2021 | Games – It doesn’t feel good when our favorite Mobile Legends hero doesn’t have a skin yet. Even without skins, the skills can already correspond to professional gamers thanks to the tutorial from this website. Hehe.

But with Skin, our hero will appear more manly in the game. On top of that, the enemy will also think twice about fighting because it’s no secret that when a hero uses a skin, there will be additional status, damage or HP depending on the hero’s role.

Well … but diamonds to buy just 1 hero skin in Mobile Legends game are still pretty expensive. So, rely on the free method, use Fragments, or try your luck at Lucky Spin, but the free path is sure to take a long time.

free diamond ml

Relax, the admin has a chance to get the latest free Diamond Mobile Legends 2021.

Take advantage of TikTok events

How do I do it? The method is very simple, all you have to do is download the TikTok application from the playstore. The usual TikTok yes, not the easy one.

Then register with your phone number, email or Facebook social media. If so, click on the floating bonus icon in the left corner or there is a gold coin icon in my menu that says Rp. Please click on it.

Then scroll down and a column will appear to fill in the invitation code, please fill it in with this code GBEL22A35XYU8 and click on confirm, then you will immediately receive 100,000 coins and even more because the code that the admin shares is special from TikTok.

After that, you can invite your friends on social media to receive additional coins or by watching videos, your coins will increase according to the number of minutes viewed.

When you have accumulated a lot of coins, you can exchange them for money that you can withdraw through E-Walet Dana.

Buy diamonds

Well, the money you get can be used to buy diamonds and get your favorite Mobile Legends hero skin.

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