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7 injured mage heroes in Mobile Legends season 14 | Games – Hero Mage in Mobile Legends game always gets the main position in the team in every game, the article with its strength is that a mage is able to mess up enemy formations, because on average Hero Mage has very useful effects like dragging and numb.

Usually in the game Shift rank players agree to use one of the available roles, and Role mage It is illegal not to be admitted. Most teams prefer to forego role support or assassins, even Mage’s shooter is still there.

7 injured mage heroes in Mobile Legends season 14
Photo: Hero Mage Hurts Mobile Legends

Well! For lovers of Hero Mage in the Mobile Legends game, or for those of you who want to switch roles. Here are 7 Mage Heroes Hurt Mobile Legends Season 14 Hu [Update 2021]:

1. Selena

7 injured mage heroes in Mobile Legends season 14
Photo: Selena-Moonton

First up is Selena, this mage has the ability to use his abysmal magic to set traps as the game progresses until the team using Selena is said to have cheated on him cheats or Maphack because of the anger of the opposing team.

In addition, Selena allows her ultimate ability, which opens immediately at the start of the game, Agriculture faster because Selena becomes an assassin when changing form with skill 3. And when all the skills are unlocked, Selena’s players are ready to get it first blood.

2. Kagur

Photo: Kagura – Moonton

Kagura became popular among Indonesian Mobile Legends players as one of the RRQ team’s pro players, Lemon, managed to become Kagura’s top global player. That moment made many gamers love Kagura and give it a try.

This Japanese magician hero has a unique ability that is to use a deadly umbrella, besides, this hero is also very agile which makes it difficult to catch in the game. But behind the overwhelming power of this hero hides a rather difficult control. So if you want to master it, you often have to do exercises classic fashion.

3. Harith

Photo: Harith-Moonton

Since its first release, Harith has immediately captured the main place in the hearts of mage lovers, for this hero has very lethal abilities as a mage.

Even though Harith has been nerfed many times, Harith is still an option until now, his ability to attack is undisputed as he can both inflict damage and protect himself so players don’t be scared even if they have to be a teamfight initiator . Deadly abilities and agility put Harith on the list of deadly hero mages in season 14.

4. Zhask

Photo: Zhask-Moonton

If you want to see the opposing team angry throughout the game, try using Zhask the Elien which can get a super slow effect from its skills. This mage can be used alone thanks to his 4 abilities that save different effects and damage.

Another advantage of Zhask is that it can survive in combat despite being influenced Crowd control and explodes when the enemy is successfully killed thanks to its passive abilities.

5. Valir

7 injured mage heroes in Mobile Legends season 14
Photo: Valir – Moonton

If that hero is a META in the Season 14 update, Moonton as a developer has made many changes to the Valir hero, from looks to deadly abilities.

So it’s no wonder that this fire mage is often banned Draft pick mode ranking because the players didn’t want to risk how annoying Valir would be in the match if he was allowed to belong to the opposing team.

6. Lunox

Photo: Lunox – Moonton

Perhaps it would be a huge mistake not to include Lunox on this list as its abilities are also very deadly. Even if the skill effect doesn’t look great, but the damage done is very painful, this hero can slow the enemy’s movement while paying off the blood.

Additionally, due to his ability to survive, Lunox has made him the hardest mage to kill in the Mobile Legends game thanks to Skill 4 that makes him invulnerable.

7. Nana

7 injured mage heroes in Mobile Legends season 14
Photo: Nana-Moonton

Last is Nana, maybe some of you will disagree, but there is nothing more painful than the 6 heroes above, with their magical ability that can turn enemies into rabbits can make it easier for teammates to settle down.

Nana is the counterpart of all heroes, who not only hurts enemy heroes but also the hearts of enemies because she is annoyed that she is turned into a helpless rabbit in the course of the game.

Well! This is the list of 7 Sick Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends game season 14. We also have many other interesting articles about Mobile Legends and other games that are updated daily.

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