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Best and Strongest Franco Item Build 2021 Mobile Legends | Games – Franco is one of the tanker heroes who is pretty strong in the Mobile Legends game. This hero uses Iron Hook as his weapon, he has skills that are very helpful to the team, especially his hooking skills are very feared by opponents.

In his story, Franco lived in the Eternal Frozen Sea outside the land of Nost Gal, where the strong people lived, but a pirate, Bane, destroyed the lives of the people of the Eternal Sea, which enraged Franco and would take revenge on Bane to bring back peace.

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This hero is an older hero in the Mobile Legend game by Moonton. This hero has often seen changes in form and skills to adapt to the seasons, which will continue to change. So far, this hero already has 4 skins to choose from to increase his bravery and strength.

In this article, TeknoGeng now offers the most complete tutorial on Franco’s heroes, starting with the best build items, emblems and spells, and ending with how to play them so you can become a pro Franco player. But before doing this, you should also know the advantages and disadvantages of Franco’s heroes.

Franco's advantages

  • Toughness: Franco is a formidable tank driver especially early on in the game as he can hold the turret longer. The enemy will think twice about attacking the tower Franco is guarding for fear of being pulled off the hook.
  • Best shaker: Skill 1-Iron Hook is Franco's mainstay to pick up the enemy. Franco will pull the enemy and deal physical damage, especially if Franco can pull the enemy into the tower, he will have to die.
  • High damage: Franco may be a tanker, but he also has damage in every skill, so he often gets even more kills than killer hero fighters.

Cons of Franco

  • Pretty hard to master: Franco is a difficult tank driver to master because his main skill, iron hook, must really hit the target so that it is not in vain. Above all, players need to feel good about wild heroes like Fanny and Hayabusa.
  • Use mana: Hero Tankers actually fit in with no mana. If Franco runs out of mana during the fight, he will not be able to lock the enemy up with his iron hook.
  • Less effective during the war: Since Franco can only lock 1 enemy hero, it is less effective in war as other heroes are free. Franco is also unable to escape.

Recommended build Franco

Build Item Franco Mobile Legend:

The above build items are best suited to pair with Franco's heroes. Here is an explanation of the effects of each of these items (option line 1).

Fast boots with attribute: +80 movement SPD with a unique passive side effect: Causing or receiving damage reduces the hero's movement speed by 40. Lasts 5 seconds.

Thunder belt inflicts +800 HP, +30 mana regeneration, + 10% cooldown reduction and +40 physical defense with a unique passive thunderbolt: After using the skill, the next basic attack inflicts additional true damage to enemy targets equal to the 296 maximum HP of the user and units, who are nearby.

Athena's shield gives +900 HP, +56 Magical Defense and +20 HP Rain with a unique passive shield: Get a shield of 450-1150 points every 30 seconds. The shield gets stronger as the game progresses.

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immortality inflicts +800 HP and +40 physical defense with Unique Passive-Immortal: Ressure 2 seconds after defeat and gains 156 HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage. (Scaled with hero level) Shield lasts up to 3 seconds.

Antique cuirass can provide +920 HP, +54 Physical Defense and +30 HP Regeneration with a unique passive deterrent: When enemy heroes attack, physical and magical attack is reduced by 6%. This effect lasts for 2 seconds. Stackable up to 3x.

Guardian helmet Grants +1550 HP and +100 HP regeneration with a unique passive recovery: Regenerates 1.5% of the hero's maximum HP. Defeating enemy heroes increases the regeneration effect by 0.4%. While the assistance is increased by 0.2%.

Recommended emblems and spells

Emblems that are suitable for Franco are Custom Tank Emblems or Custom Support Tank Emblems. In fact, many players also use custom assassin emblems to do tremendous damage.

Use for spells flicker : CD time: 120.0 Teleport to a certain distance in a certain direction. Increases physical defense and magical defense for 1 second after teleporting 5 (+1 * hero level). You can combine this spell with Franco's iron hook to increase the pull distance.

Franco's skills

Franco Mobile legend:

Skill 1 Iron Hook: This is Franco's primary ability to take on the enemy. He throws his hook at the targeted enemy and pulls them, dealing fair damage.

Skill 2 Rage Shock: Franco uses this ability to scare, attack and deal damage to the enemy and reduce the enemy's movement speed by 70% for 1.5 seconds.

Skill 3 Blood Hunt: Franco attacks the enemy 6 times in a row, stopping their movement and dealing 60 physical damage with each hit, this skill is usually issued by Franco when he manages to pull the enemy.

How to Get Franco. plays

Early games

At the start of the game, focus on helping friends farm like snipers and mages who are on the center or sideline to collect gold faster and unlock the ultimate level while securing the lane by helping the minions of the opposing team. Franco is also a hero who has a great chance at first blood by drawing enemies into the tower.

Medium game

By the time you enter the middle of the game, you may have received some of the main items. Explore each lane, help your friends in mid lane or on the sidelines for team fights or farms. Deal with Heroes who have low HP and no Escape skills, and prepare Skill 1 and Franco's ultimate to pick up and kill enemies.

Late game

When you enter the end of the game you should be able to purchase all of Franco's items. Now you have to be on the front lines of the war, use a 1-3-2 skill combination. Be a true leader for your team, protect your archer and try to always be on target to catch enemy heroes so that your team excels in battle.

Franco's best teammates

Odette: Franco is very well suited to work with a magician like Odette. Because if Franco manages to lock down the enemy, Odette will add great damage from his ultimate and add stun. These two heroes are the perfect addition to leaderboards.

Franco's best counter hero

Fanny: If Franco is on the opposing team, you can use Fanny as a counterattack, since Fanny is the hardest-to-capture hero for Franco, you can also pay off his blood so he doesn't stay on the trail for long.

Teamwork is everything

Use Franco's heroes with a focus on securing the lane and accompanying snipers or magicians at the start of the game and staying in one direction with your friends. Don't be a selfish gamer who can wreak havoc on your team. Play with fun and without bad comments.

Please also check the latest build items from other Mobile Legends heroes only on so that you can become the ruler of the Land of Dawn.

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