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How To Dissolve PUBG Mobile You Must Know !!

Of course, when you start playing the PUBG Mobile game you first have an account and log in. You will find login options to choose from namely Facebook, Twitter and others. When you select social media to log into PUBG Mobile, your account will be linked to that game. If you’d like your social media to be unconnected to the PUBG mobile game, this article explains how to do it. Below is how to unbind your PUBG Mobile account.

Let’s see how to break up PUBG Mobile

What is PUBG Mobile picking up?

You need to know that if you cancel your social media account, your PUBG Mobile account will not be deleted. The unbind method is only used to disconnect your social media account from the PUBG Mobile game. So if you sign in to your social media account again, your PUBG Mobile account will come back.

How to unbind the G-Accountan I PUBG Mobile Facebook

The first step is to unlink your Facebook account when you log in through Facebook. How to break the bond, namely:

1. First, you need to log into Facebook with an account linked to the PUBG Mobile account. Then you can look for the settings and privacy menu. In the Settings menu, click Applications and Websites.

How to deliver PUBG Mobile

2. Then you will see in the menu that you access via Facebook, please click on Edit and then you will see what is currently active.

3. You can click PUBG, then select Delete App and click Delete. Then your account was activated.

You can also use the PUBG account unbind method from Facebook to Google if you want to sign in to Google.

How to Unbind an Account on Twitter

How to deliver PUBG Mobile

Here’s how to unbind a Twitter account. When you log into PUBG Mobile on Twitter social media. The method is almost the same as unbinding a Facebook account, but there are a few differences. Here’s how:

  • The first step is to open the Twitter application and log in with the account associated with PUBG.
  • You can then select settings and data protection directly in the sidebar.
  • Then you can log into your account and click Apps and Sessions.
  • After that, you can see which applications are connected to your account. To cancel your social media account, you can click on PUBG mobile and select Revoke Access.

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How to deliver your PUBG Mobile. Are Vexa friends interested in using these tips? Or did you follow these tips? Until next time.


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