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How to reduce the video size easily

Easy Ways to Reduce Video Size – The most effective way to find and convey information at this point is the limitations of direct communication during the pandemic. Where a lot of information is disseminated not only via TV news but also via online media or social media.

Usually the information maker turns it into a video that can provide information so that it can be easily grasped by the recipient of the information. Besides information about the news, there are now many videos for learning media, entertainment and so on. However, given the number of videos around, it turns out that there is one problem and that is the size of the video.

Some ways to reduce video size easily

Video size is a problem because videos that have clear picture quality create large file sizes, restricting access and burdening the process of uploading or downloading the video file.

So it requires an application that can compress videos or reduce the size of the video without affecting the image quality of the video. Not many know that there is an application that can flatten videos easily and quickly.

1. Use of the YouCompress website

This website is a way to reduce the size of the video for free or for free, but it requires an internet connection or an online connection to compress the video. So there is no software to be installed and configured. Some of the compression extensions from youcompress are video extension type files like MOV, MP4. It is also capable of compressing other file extensions like MP3, PDF, JPEG, and GIF files.

How to reduce the video size
  • Then select the file to be compressed
  • Then click Upload & Compress
  • Wait for the process, then the previously compressed file will be automatically compressed and you will see a notification like the following:
You compressor

2. Use of the website

Another easy way to reduce video size online is to use the VideoSmaller website. VideoSmaller offers a free service and compresses the video file size without losing the image quality of the video. In addition, video files up to 500MB in size can also be uploaded. The method is also very simple, namely

  • Then select a video with a maximum size of 500MB. Then click Use low compression level (best quality) to compress by default. If you want to adjust the width of the video, you can choose the scaling of the video. Also, you can remove the sound from the video by ticking it
How to reduce the video size
  • Wait a moment for the process. Then download the compressed file
Reduce video

3. Use the Panda Video Compressor app

Panda compressor

One of the applications on HP that allows you to reduce the video size or compress the video file size. The video file extension formats supported by this application are MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, 3GP, MPEG, and MKV. In addition, you can also share it directly with colleagues and social media.

How to reduce the video size
  • Set the size for the compression result, whether you want small, medium or large quality, or adjust it for email
How to reduce the video size
  • Wait a moment, then the compressed video results will be displayed and you can share videos on platforms on your phone
How to reduce the video size

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So these were the ways to reduce the size of a video with a large file size so that you don’t have to be bothered with the file size when sending videos that contain information. Hopefully helpful, Friend Vexa Game

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