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How to get Hay Day Silo and Barn Upgrade Materials

How to get silo and barn upgrade materials on today’s day, which are often hard to come by. This is a challenge that Vexa friends will face in order to beautify the garden or even make it easier to transport the processed Vexa products. In order to receive upgrade materials, it is uncertain what materials we will get later. For this, Vexa friends need more patience.

Still, Hay Day has always been a game that never gets boring. Everyone wants a beautiful garden and other equipment to reach a certain level. If Vexa friends have previously had difficulty getting upgrade materials, then this article will be very helpful for Vexa friends. Learn and get upgrade materials easily!

How to get silo and stall upgrade materials

How to get Hay Day Silo and Barn Upgrade Materials

How to get Silo and Granary upgrade materials is actually quite simple, it’s just that Vexa aficionados need patience. You don’t have to spend a dime to get these ingredients. What Vexa friends have to put aside is a fairly short period of time, but patience and tenacity are badly needed by Vexa friends. The main job of Vexa Buddy is sourcing upgrade materials, so be patient and try all the methods that will be explained later. How to Get Silo and Barn Upgrade Materials Vexa Friends Must Know!


This is a very easy way and a friend of Vexa must try. Each plant can have an opportunity to receive upgrade materials. If you want it quicker, you can plant rice which only takes 2 minutes and corn which only takes 5 minutes. There is only one condition to get it, and that is, at least Vexa friends must have at least 68 fields. If it is less, Vexa Buddies have to harvest twice. The material Vexa friends receive is random so it is not safe. Planting wheat or corn that harvests quickly will surely fill up Vexa’s warehouse quickly. Vexa friends sell it at the lowest price so it sells quickly.

Barter with friends

How to get Hay Day Silo and Barn Upgrade Materials

Look for an environment with a lot of active players. In this way, it can make it easier for Vexa friends to trade and open up greater opportunities. Typically level 10 Vexa Buddies can create environments or join neighborhoods. The more friends there are in an active environment, the easier it is for Vexa Friends to find them. Each player must have their own needs in order to receive materials for upgrades.

See ads in newspapers

Even if the opportunity is not too great, Vexa fans are worth trying this method. If you are lucky, Vexa friends will receive upgrade materials. You will be very lucky to get the ingredients you really need, especially when you get them in large quantities. Don’t stop trying, it will test your Vexa’s patience.

Feeding farm animals

How to get Hay Day Silo and Barn Upgrade Materials

Besides planting, this is the most common method. The opportunity isn’t too great, but you have to try anyway, Vexa mate. The calculation of 68 still applies this way, so Vexa friends have at least 68 farm animals to safely get 1 ingredient. Vexa Buddy’s mission is to get upgrade materials so be patient to get them. Feed the farm animals Vexa’s friends have and the cattle will get by on upgrade materials.

Feeding pets

Another option that Vexa friends can try. The best part is that you can get 2 upgrade materials at the same time. While the ability to get it is not very easy, Vexa friends need to remember the purpose of Vexa friends. In addition, this can also help Vexa friends to take care of Vexa’s friend’s garden.

Watch video ads video

Hay Day Lumbung

The prices Vexa friends get for watching advertisements vary widely. There is also an option for Vexa Friends to receive upgrade materials. So do not miss this opportunity and try to keep watching the promotional video, after all, all you have to do is watch it so that you do not have to expend a lot of energy. Be patient until Vexa friends achieve the goal of upgrading materials that will need to be collected later.

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Shut down

Vexa friends already know how to get materials for upgrades. The rest just have to beautify the Vexa Buddy Garden to make it look more attractive and amaze other players. The higher the level of the Vexa buddy, the more needs Vexa friends have to meet. Reach higher levels and expand your Vexa Buddy’s garden! Don’t forget to play the game wisely and get enough rest. If you want to share something with Vexa friends, e.g. B. Tips, tricks and reviews, please share them in the comment column. OK!

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