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How to change Windows 10's default browser

Windows 10 is one of the newest Windows operating system series with improved features and appearance over the previous series. One of the functions that are present in the Windows operating system is a browser or a browser. Well, Windows always offers standard browser functionality to its users. The default browser on this operating system is usually Internet Explorer, friend. For Windows 10, however, the default browser is Microsoft Edge, an evolution of Internet Explorer that is more convenient and faster. However, Windows also gives users the freedom to change the default application including the browser. Vexa friends want to know how to change Windows 10 default browser? Let’s keep watching the following review.

Getting to know the standard browser

The purpose of the standard browser is the standard browser or a browser that already exists and is provided by your computer operating system. Of course, my friend needs to know about Internet Explorer, which was always there on the Windows operating system, right? Well, for Windows 10 users, they can find a browser application called Microsoft Edge.

The standard browser is used to support us with automatic access to Internet files. For example, when you open an application or link a site’s URL, you will be redirected to the default browser or whatever browser you previously set as the default.

Unfortunately, many people are already familiar with the various new browser applications like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. Well, if any of you are not used to using Edge every day, then there is nothing to worry about. Buddy can set another browser as an option as the default browser. The steps are very simple, let’s take a look at this below.

How to change Windows 10’s default browser

Here are the steps to change the default browser in Windows 10.

  • First click the Start button and then select Settings
How to change the default browser Windows 10
  • Then select the Apps menu
How to change the default browser Windows 10
  • In the Apps menu, select the Standard Apps submenu
  • Next, find the default web browser option to change the browser of your choice
  • Buddy can replace it by clicking on a web browser. A list of browsers that you have or have installed is displayed.
How to change the default browser Windows 10
  • After you have clicked on the browser of your choice, it will automatically become the default browser for your Vexa pal computer device.

How about it brother So easy, right? But there is a faster way, namely

  • Click Search, enter default apps
  • Next, you will immediately see the default apps menu, click on the menu
  • Then the same display appears immediately, my friend just needs to set the default web browser as before
How to change the default browser Windows 10

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Shut down

Sometimes because we are not used to using the default Windows 10 browser, we want to use a different browser that we use every day. I’m a Windows 10 user and I’m using Chrome as my default browser. However, I sometimes change the default setting on Firefox and Edge as well. That’s a little rundown of how to change Windows 10’s default browser, hopefully it’s useful!

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