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How to create a drop-down list in a table

Google Sheets, or better known as Google Sheets, is a type of Google Document that is similar to Microsoft Excel. Google Sheets is not a new product from Google. Lots of people have used it, both staff and students. We can access this Excel-like worksheet online and at the same time, so it is also used by different agencies. Well, Vexa friends, this article is going to explain one of the features of Google Sheets, which is dropdown. How do I create a drop-down list in Google Sheets? Let’s keep looking at the following discussion

Benefits of Google Sheets

Google Sheets is already very popular with students or employees for creating tasks on numbers and dates. Some of the advantages of Google Sheets are

  • Access possible via various media such as tablets, mobile phones and laptops
  • Easy access at the same time or several people online at the same time
  • Can be shared or edited directly as long as there is an internet connection
  • Automatically saved in Google account storage, also known as Google Drive
  • There are several features that aid performance in creating data and number worksheets

What are dropdowns?

Dropdown is a feature of Google Sheets to display a dropdown menu or options in a table cell or column. From this menu, Vexa friends can later select one of the available options set by the creator of the worksheet or Gsheet file.

The drop-down list is used to make the value of a column the default. Therefore, there is no manual typing process as it is automatically displayed for you to click.

The use of drop-down menus aims to avoid multiple entries. This will lead to difficulties in performing the data analysis. Example: Entering the month of activity information. In the absence of standardization, users usually enter information in various forms, such as: For example: October, October, OCTOBER, OCT, October, etc. Therefore, using the drop down list, users only need to select from the options displayed.

How do I create a drop down list in a table?

Creating a drop-down list in a Google spreadsheet is very easy, my friend. Here are the steps

  1. You can open the file in Google Sheets first. Make sure you already have a Google account and an internet connection.

2. Next, select the cell or cells in which you want to create a drop-down menu.

How to create a drop-down list in a table

3. Then click Data, then choose Data validation.

How to create a drop-down list in a table

4. In the menu “criteria“, select the option or type of list you want:

How to create a drop-down list in a table
  • List of areas: Select the cells to open the list.
  • Item list: Enter the item you want to include in the drop-down menu.
  • In addition to these two options, there are also options for dropdowns with dates, numbers, numbers, and more.

5. Later the selected cell has a down arrowDown arrow. To get rid of it, Vexa friends can uncheck “Show dropdown menu in cells”.

How to create a drop-down list in a table

6. Next, if you enter data in cells that do not match the items in the list, you will get some kind of warning. Even if you only want the user to enter values ​​according to the list entry, switch to the “Discard input” option in the “Invalid data” menu.

7. The final step is to click to save. The previously selected cell displays a drop-down menu. If you want to change cell color based on options, please use Conditional Format.

How do I clear a drop-down list?

If a Vexa friend wants to clear the previous cell selection drop down menu, the method is almost the same, namely

  1. Open the spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Select the cell or cells that you want to change.
  3. click Data -> data validation.
  4. To change options, click Menu criteria
  5. To clear the list, click on Remove validation.
  6. click to save.

How do I copy a drop down list?

Copying is very easy, friend. All you have to do is click Copy in the column with the drop-down list and then paste it into the column or cell you want and voila! The drop-down list is copied into this cell.

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Shut down

Rapid technological developments require adaptation to technological products. One we can use is Google Sheets to support work or do school assignments. How to make a drop down list in spreadsheets for Vexa friends to try, hopefully it will be useful! Look forward to more very interesting and informative articles from VexaGame

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