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Here's a quick and easy way to check laptop DVD-ROMs

Here’s a quick and easy way to check laptop DVD-ROMs – DVD-ROM (Digital Versatile Disc – Read-Only Memory) is a useful device for reading data on a DVD or CD DVD-ROM also has a function for writing data on DVD / CD discs.

In addition to these basic uses, DVD devices can also be used to install an operating system (operating system) for both Windows and Linux, install standard drivers, games, and other computer software. With this function, this DVD is an important tool for installing the operating system on a laptop. Hence, it is necessary to check the DVD so that it can run properly if the user wants to use it.

If there is a problem with this DVD, you will have to look for another tool to install the driver. Now the admin is discussing how to check laptop DVD rom so that you are not disappointed if the DVD suddenly becomes unusable. Problems and causes are also discussed.

How to Check Out Laptop DVD ROM Problems

How to Check Out Laptop DVD ROM Problems

DVD not recognized is a common problem that occurs frequently and that many computer users encounter. If the DVD-ROM is not recognized, this can interrupt the POST (Power On Self Test) process. If the post process is interrupted, we will not be able to open the operating system until the POST process is complete. When these issues arise, rather than looking for the right solution to the root of this problem, we prefer to do a fresh install which may not solve the problem.

Just because the CD drive is not recognized doesn’t mean there is a problem with your operating system or software that requires reinstallation. However, there are other causes and reasons that are better suited to solving the problem than installing a non-installed or possibly corrupted DVD-ROM driver. This problem is usually caused by two things, hardware and software.

To solve the problem, the first thing you can do is look at the hardware, which is to look at the first time the computer turns on. When you turn on the computer, the computer automatically runs a series of tests during the startup process. Its function is to ensure that the hardware components and their supporting components are working properly or not before the BIOS runs the operating system. This process is known as POST (Power On Self Test).

POST works in general, that is, it checks all devices / components on the computer. If this process goes smoothly, we will go straight to the OS display, but if we don’t see our OS display, it could be that some hardware component is not working properly, it could be a DVD-ROM.

How to Check Out Laptop DVD ROM Problems

How to check laptop DVD-ROM

If you have determined that the DVD-ROM is recognized by the hardware, but is still unreadable and not working, you can check the driver for the DVD-ROM as follows:

  • First right click on My computer, and choose properties .
  • Select Device manager after clicking the tab hardware or you can also go through the search function and then enter Device manager
  • Left-click on the character in the list that appears + next to the DVD / CD-ROM drive.
  • If the CD drive appears after clicking the mark + , and next to it a red mark. This indicates that the operating system read the drive, but the CD drive is not active. Just right click on the drive name and choose Make possible, and it should work.

Besides checking, we also need to service the DVD-ROM to make it durable and long-lasting. Here are tips to prevent the DVD-ROM from getting damaged easily:

  • Do not insert a DVD into the driver device when it is wet
  • Avoid dust and do not try to expose dust, especially the optical part.
  • Use cotton wool, paper towel or another soft cloth to remove dust from the DVD-ROM to avoid damaging the optics of the DVD.
  • Don’t get used to using the driver for too long. Watching movies for too long, playing music or audio for too long is not good for the health of our DVD-ROM. This habit will slowly damage the drive and weaken it while reading.
  • Always try to use original DVDs such as original video / audio and original software
  • Avoid DVDs that are dirty or badly scratched.
  • Never touch the optics of the DVD-ROM as this can impair readability.
  • Do not leave a DVD in the drive even when it is not in use

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This is a great way to check whether or not a laptop DVD-ROM is working properly so that if you want to use it for important things, you can find out its condition first. Hopefully helpful, friend Vexa Game.

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