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FF shares cyber bouncer Hunter motorcycle skins, for free!

This week Free Fire has become the talk of the town, along with the collaboration with world footballer Christiano Ronaldo, who is one of the characters in the game. The presence of the megastar personality at the Operation Chrono event attracted Free Fire players, so the number of new players increased dramatically.

As always, the Free Fire update will also feature events and of course a series of missions that, when completed, will earn very enticing prizes. Out of the many missions and rewards, there are good items that are very easy for you to get, namely skins Bicycle cyber bounty hunter.

Bicycle hunter c94aa

Image source: Booyah

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The Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter Motorbike Skin is very cool indeed, packed with futuristic modern nuances like the motorcycle in the TRON movie. Especially with the additional fire effect that radiates from behind the engine. To receive this Motor Bike Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter skin, players only need to log in for 5 days from December 15th to December 27th. The details are as follows:

  • 1 day login: 1x Gold Royale voucher
  • 2 days login: 2x loot box Pharaoh weapon
  • 3 days login: 2x weapons loot box of the private eye
  • 4 days login: 3x AK water balloon weapons loot box
  • 5 days login: Motorcycle Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter

It’s easy, isn’t it? For those of you who want to get this free motorcycle skin, look forward to December 15th, don’t miss it!

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