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Tips on how to fight vector weapons in free fire from NXL League Game

Free Fire is increasingly evolving into a battle royale game that is in demand by many groups and ages with simple, exciting gameplay and features adrenaline-fueled battles. Additionally, as a publisher and developer, Garena is diligent in making new additions available, both on a regular basis and in collaboration with updates with popular franchise icons around the world.

As with FPS games in general, weapons inventory (weapons) is certainly an important and vital sector. The presence of new types of weapons with certain specifications can have a direct impact on the game. For example, when Free Fire presents weapons with great damage, namely Vector double rifles that can be used simultaneously. Initially, many survivors (as Free Fire players) were overwhelmed when faced with opponents who used vector weapons.

Specifications for vector weapons

Despite a very diverse range of weapons, Garena Free Fire continues to test the limits and possibilities of gameplay with a variety of cool weapons. In the OB25 update, players will have the opportunity to try out Akimbo weapons. This two-handed attack weapon is extraordinarily destructive. Sounds interesting? Here are the details of Vector Akimbo you need to know.

Free Fire Vector Gun 433c4

Statistics vector Akimbo
Damage: 22
Magazines: 25
Rate of fire: 0.08

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Tips on how to fight vector weapons from NXL League Game

NXL Ligagame, one of the Free Fire pro teams that successfully rose to FFIM play-ins, will be providing some tips on how to deal with enemies who use vector weapons. Skuy, see the explanation below!

NXL League Game Free Fire f42dc

1. Focus on the enemy enemy with the vector weapon
This is the first forward-looking step, which is aiming when the enemy squad is still complete. You can target enemies using vector weapons first. After that, you can focus on something else.

2. Use long range weapons
Vector is a close-range attack weapon. To deal with vector weapons, you can fight with long range weapons. Enemies who use this weapon will definitely have a hard time fighting you.

3. Fight the vector with the vector
If possible, the opponent also uses a vector weapon. This is the most effective. If you understand the right technique with vectors, you are guaranteed to win. “

4. Install Gloo Wall to survive
Faced with weapons that do a lot of damage, you need adequate protective equipment. You can panic enemies using Gloo Wall. After the panic, you just take advantage of the moment.

5. Use land mine traps
“If you are at war in the house, you can set a landmine trap. You have to remember the place, don’t get caught in a trap, okay? “

These are some tips from the NXL League Game Team for dealing with enemies who use vector weapons.

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