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Free Fire x Attack on Titan collaboration officially begins, huge invasion is coming!

The collaboration between Free Fire x Attack on Titan is finally here. Garena announced that the Titans collaboration will begin with a series of events beginning March 12, 2021. This is Free Fire’s second global collaboration with the popular manga / anime series. Previously, Garena and developer presented the One Punch Man character.

This time the presence of the giants will contribute to the extraordinary Battle Royale experience. Booyah warriors will feel the thrill of fighting for survival against the invasion of giant man-eating monsters!

Along with this collaboration, survivors (as Free Fire players are called) can feel the nuances of epic battles with the presence of various character skins and weapons (weapons) with the anime-themed Attack On Titans. In addition to skins, Free Fire also welcomes players with a new look, including:

New lobby
Airplane theme
New airdrops
Show at login

In addition, Free Fire players will have the option of having various exclusive Attack on Titan items in-game, including costumes, weapon skins, and new game modes.

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Booyah fighters can also get Attack on Titan-style Battle In Style with the Wings of Freedom Division costume and badge. In addition to the thrill of war, players can also dress up as creepy titan monsters. There are two iconic Titan costumes, namely Armored and Attack Titan.

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Want an exclusive attack on Titan weapon skin? Like the leaks previously surfaced, the FF-AOT collaboration will be a scary weapon. The display of the P90 and M1014 lets players feel the fighting spirit against the titans.

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This collaboration will culminate with the new special game Mode Attack on Titan, which will be available on March 27, 2021.

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