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Easy Way Party Black Desert Mobile

How to celebrate Black Desert Mobile – Game lovers have recently been excited to play the latest game, Black Desert Mobile. This game with the MMORPG genre is very interesting indeed. The game that is carried is not as simple as some of the games that have been popular lately. That makes the player pretty challenged and wants to be a winner.

There is a party or group in the game that makes it easier for players to interact or find other players to complete quests that are difficult to complete on their own. How then How do you party in Black Desert Mobile? Maybe some beginners still find it difficult to do it. The following is a review for the opportunity to party in this BDM game.

How to celebrate Black Desert Mobile

To create a party, you can try pressing the party invite button while interacting with friends or other players. You can also do this by left-clicking the name of the player you want to party with in the chat window. In fact, the feature of this party is only available when the player is on the same server with other players.

How to celebrate Black Desert Mobile
Black Desert mobile games

Party also has a maximum limit of around 5 people and includes itself. There will be a gold frame in the portrait of the party leader. Leaders can change various roles, including getting items, removing members, or even handing over the leadership role to one of their members.

But if you want to leave the party, you can click on the arrow or your character’s name and then choose the quit button. If a group leader wants to remove himself, he can delegate his duties to other members or you want to remove members from the created group.

In addition to this method, you can also use the party search feature provided, which can be accessed from the ESC menu. There you will find a list of people who are looking for a party and maybe you can start a party from some of these people. How easy is it not How do you party in Black Desert Mobile? If you are very curious, you can try it out right away.

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