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515 Mobile Legend Time Capsules, content and events with epic skin prizes

515 Mobile Legend Time Capsule – Here is the contents of the 515 Time Capsule or ML Time Capsule and there is an event you can play to get Epic and Elite Skins

Mobile Legends or ML is a game that has evolved into the Primadonna Mobile MOBA game in Indonesia in the past few years. Various events and prizes have been published for MLBB players.

Lately it has been enlivened by the presence of the 515 eparty Mobile Legends event, which has been enthusiastically followed by mobile legend players. The prizes at this event are very interesting to get.

At the 515 event in 2021, something interesting is the 515 Mobile Legends time capsule. There are many who do not understand what is the contents of the 515 Mobile Legends capsule in 2021?

Contents of Time Capsule 515 Mobile Legend 2021

On the event menu at the 515 eParty event, there is a tab menu that says Time Capsule 515. It turns out that the content of this time capsule is limited to one letter that Moonton shows as the developer of the MLBB game.

The letter includes gratitude for loyal fans of mobile legends who have played this game since 2021.

starting from the development up to what can be considered a flowering time like 2021.

It should be noted that by the time this letter was published, this game had gained 100 million downloads on Android devices and even then it has not been accumulated by iOS devices.

Time Capsule 515 Mobile Legend
Time Capsule 515 Mobile Legend

Now the essence of the letter is a form of Moonton’s gratitude for the loyal Mobile Legends players that comes with a letter for MLBB players in the Mobile Legends Time Capsule 2021.

Mobile Legend 2021 Time Capsule Event

Many were hoping there would be plenty of events to play at this year’s 515 eparty, but there was only one letter that was delivered earlier.

But don’t be disappointed to treat MLBB players’ disappointment with the eparty event on May 15, 2021. Moonton has prepared an event that can be played and received prizes. Its name is Free Twilight Ticket Event.

Free Twilight Ticket Event

This event can remove your disappointment that in 1 year you saved a time capsule with mobile legends, the contents of which are only letters.

This event is a Mobile Legends event with free Elite Skin prizes if you are lucky.

The name is a free Twilight event. The way to get the Elite Skin Prize or Epic Skin is to earn 515 Race Car Points in 2021.

Free Twilight Ticket Event
Free Twilight Ticket Event

To get epic skins, you can exchange 12 race car points for purple tickets, while your elite skin can only exchange 4 race cars for blue tickets.

This is the 515 Mobile Legend 2021 Time Capsule review, hope it is useful!

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