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How to get married in The Sims Mobile

How to get married in The Sims Mobile – Are you the type of people who use The Sims Mobile game? This one game is very popular that asks you to live your daily life in the game, but still there are challenges to complete.

The challenges that have to be overcome are actually not that different from everyday life, where you are asked to marry a partner at the right age.

Of course, in order to get to the level of marriage in the game The Sims Mobile, you will have to go through several processes. In order to find a companion and get into the stage of marriage, there are several things you need to do in The Sims game. Here is the review for you.

How to get married in The Sims Cell phone, mobile phone

To get to the wedding stage in The Sims game, you must first reach level 10. Reaching level 10 is one of the conditions that must be met if you want to get married in The Sims.

How Friends Get Married in The Sims Mobile Game ...
How to get married in The Sims mobile game

Why so? The number of all age groups that have been assigned an age limit for marriage is also included in this one game.

When you reach level 10, it is easier to buy wedding equipment and make sacred vows.

Don’t assume that the Sims Mobile game to get to level 10 is very easy. You will have to overcome many obstacles, such as interacting and building a romantic relationship with a potential partner, before you can finally get married.

To be able to build a relationship, you can start at level 2 where you will be asked to build friendships with at least 3 friends. It’s also not easy to make friends to talk to, as you have to build chemistry too.

After you find a friend, you will be asked to determine the choice of a partner you want to marry. You have to find the right partner and if you can then buy wedding decorations

You have reached level 10 in purchasing wedding decorations and there are many stores that you can visit to choose the right decoration color. After the explanation is made, you can get married with the partner of your choice in The Sims game.

This is an easy way to get married in The Sims game, where everything needs to be arranged properly for the wedding to go smoothly.

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