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Complete analysis of Popol and Kupa skills in Mobile Legends

Popol and Kupa are unique heroes in Mobile Legends. They are a couple of best friends from the icy lands of the Northern Vale. If you’re a Dota 2 player, Popol and Kupa’s skills aren’t that much different from Lone Druid.

If you don’t know Popol and Kupa’s abilities, don’t worry because Mimin TeknoGeng will explain it to you. Before trying it out, Mimin recommends that you know the skills first as this hero has 4 active skills. I will only learn the following skills.

ML Popol and Kupa Skill Analysis

Very different from other marksmen, guys, because Popol and Kupa have five skills. He has one passive ability and four active abilities. Here is the explanation.

Passive Skill: Iceland Companion

Popol and Kupa skills in Mobile Legends
Passive skills of Popol and Kupa ML.

According to the admin’s summary, Popol and Kupa have 3 passive skills. The first passives, Papol and Kupa, will fight together. If Popol attacks, Kupa the Wolf will attack too to help Popol.

Second, Kupa receives 10% HP regeneration which scales to its Max HP if not attacked for 5 seconds. What if Kupa dies? Popol can summon it again by summoning with Skill 1 or 2 for 3 seconds.

Third, Popol’s Basic Attack deals additional Physical damage after Kupa attacked the target 4 times. While Kupa receives 120% HP regeneration that scales with Popol’s maximum HP. Oh yes, Kupa also receives 100% of the attributes of Popol’s equipment (emblems and equipment).

This pair of heroes have quite a large DPS as they attack the target at the same time. When the passive stack is full, the burst damage done by the next basic attack is also quite large. So Popol and Kupa are pretty dangerous shooters too.

Popol and Kupa are two heroes who can complement each other and create deadly attack combinations. Kupa can act as both a shield for Popol and a damage dealer. Meanwhile Popol attacked him from behind.

Still, the Popol and Kupa gangs need core items to be as terrifying as snipers in general. The damage they do in the beginning will not be felt.

Skill 1: bite her, Kupa!

Skill 1 Popol and Kupa.

Poppol attacks the target with his spear, dealing physical damage. Then he will order Kupa to attack the enemy he is targeting for 3 seconds. Kupa also causes physical damage.

When Alpha Wolf mode is active (ulti), Kupa attacks the target three times quickly and gives a stun effect for 1 second.

According to Mimin, this is the most important skill for Popol and Kupa. Because Kupa will act as a tanker at the front, also causing damage and CC. This skill will also make it easier for us to gain a passive stack so that we can deal damage more easily.

Skill 1 gets even more terrifying when we activate the ultimate skill. Because we can corner and block the opponent’s movement because there is a numbing effect. While Popol can provide skills more freely.

Skill 2: Kupa, help!

Popol and Kupa skills
Skill 2 Popol and Kupa

If we tap the skill, Kupa will immediately turn to Popol to protect his partner and provide a shield. He also attacks targets near his handler directly for 3 seconds and slows 60% for 0.5 seconds.

When we activate the ultimate skill, Kupa immediately leaps towards Popol. The jump gives nearby enemies a 0.5 second bump effect. The jump also deals 150% additional damage.

This second ability is an excellent defense ability for Popol. When used properly, this skill can instantly protect Popol from surprise attacks like Selena’s Catfish and Franco’s Hook.

When the ultimate skill is active, that skill can be a pivotal moment as it counterattacks. We can give the opponents around us a knock-up effect. If we combine it with Skill 1 there will be an additional CC effect so it can block the enemy’s movement.

Skill 3: Popol’s Surprise

Popol and Kupa skills
Skill 3 Popol and Kupa

Popol sets a trap in the location we specified and explodes if there are enemies nearby. But before it explodes, there will be a delay effect for a few seconds.

Enemies trapped in the trap are immobilized for 1 second. While the explosion creates a cold zone that lasts 4 seconds. Enemies in the zone are affected by a 35% slowing effect.

We can set a maximum of three traps at the same time with a loading time of 18 seconds per trap. The trap will disappear after 60 seconds if it doesn’t hit your opponent.

The 3rd skill of Popol and Kupa is more or less the same as the 1st skill of Selena, as both can give CC. However, while the damage it does isn’t as terrible as it is on Selena, the Popol trap is very useful for detecting the presence of the enemy so that it cannot be snatched from the enemy.

Ultimate ability: we’re angry!

Popol and Kupa skills
Popols and Kupas Ultimate Skills

Popol and Kupa rage and get stronger when they activate this skill. Kupa transforms into an alpha wolf that lasts 12 seconds. Both gain additional attack speed, which is increased by 30% and movement speed by 15%.

Kupa’s HP are immediately full when we activate this skill, even his maximum HP becomes 2000. The physical attack he gives is also increased by 50 points.

As I mentioned earlier, this ability can be the main key to turning things around against your opponent. Because the damage caused by Popol and Kupa will increase drastically, so that it can quickly destroy the opponent’s blood.

When the ultimate skill is active, we can also easily fix the opponent’s movement with skills 1 and 2. We just need the right timing to use them. So wait for the initiator of your team to launch the attack and then use the ultimate ability at the right moment.

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The last word

According to Mimin, Popol and Kupa heroes have quite a unique ability mechanism, folks. Even if it’s easy to learn, don’t underestimate its ability. Because they do a lot of damage and disable what is dangerous.

Quite a few gang players who use Popol and Kupa as support. Because we can also make Kupa a sufficiently strong shield. Even so, you have to know the skills of Popol Kupa well.

What do you think of this new Sagittarius gang? Is it worth going into the meta this season? Put your thoughts in the comments section, folks.

An overview of the capabilities of Popol and Kupa can be seen in the video below.

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