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Scarlet Phantom, Item Attack Speed ​​in Mobile Legends

Scarlet Phantom | Games – One of the items in the Mobile Legends game is Scarlet Phantom. The item known as the purple sword is included in the attacks commonly used by heroes Sagittarius and fighter.

Scarlet Phantom is usually used by heroes Sagittarius she has Attack speed and critical damage high, for example, Moskov and Irithel. Several other heroes such as Natalia and Helcurt also use this item frequently.

In this article, TeknoGeng will talk a little deeper about this item from the Scarlet Phantom. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the reviews below.

Base status

+30 physical attack: The additional physical attack from this item is very small, but the selling point is the passive of the gang.

+ 20% attack speed: This attack speed will be great again when the passive is active.

+ 25% critical chance: This status is very useful for dealing critical damage.

Unique passiverage

If we do Critical Hits on the enemy, then Attack speedit will also increase by 30%. Therefore, Critical Hits can trigger an increase Attack speed. When combined with its base stats, the item can be Scarlet Phantom 50% attack speed.

Apart from the triggering increases Attack speed, Critical Hits this will also trigger a boost Critical chance at 5’o clock%. That way, the hero we’re using has a greater chance to be given critical damage at the Finish.

These two effects only hold for 2 seconds yes gang.

Best combination of articles

Scarlet Phantom can be combined very well with articles that cantrigger passive, so Attack speed and critical opportunityit can increase. Here are some items that go really well with Scarlet Phantom.

1. Berserker’s rage

Berserker’s Fury goes best with Scarlet Phantom. If you buy these two items, you have the basic status status 50% critical chance. So you spend more often Critical Hits at the Finish. Therefore, Attack speed and critical opportunity of Scarlet Phantom is active for 2 seconds.

2. Wind speaker

Usually heroes who haven’t Improve attack speed of CompetenciesShe’s going to buy Windtalker. Because this article also adds status Attack speed and critical opportunity though not very big. The added value you get by purchasing additional Windtalkers Speed ​​of movement.

Article counter

One of the best ways to reduce the effects of an item from the Scarlet Phantom is to do so physical defense as high as possible. Therefore, damage What the user of this article is going to give is not great. Here are some items that can reduce the effect of Scarlet Phantom.

1. Dominance ice

Dominance Ice is the best item to use to fight the heroes Attack speed and critical opportunity high. Because this item has a passive that can reduce Attack speed Hero, but we have to be close to the goal. In addition, this article will also cut down critical opportunity Heroes.

2. Blade armor

Blade armor is an item that physical defense or armor very high. Therefore, damage given by the enemy is reduced.

3. Twilight armor

Critical damage usually have a very large value, it can even reach 1000 more. With this Twilight Armor item the damage you will now receive is no more than 900. This way this item is very suitable to be used against heroes who critical damage which is usually owned by marksmen.

4th wing queen

This wing item has passive Damage reductionthat can reduce damage given by the enemy. This passive is activated when the user has a dying HP (less than 40%). This article is very suitable for heroes Close combat like fighters.

Best hero combination

Scarlet Phantom works very well for heroes who Improve attack speed of Competenciesthem, as well as with damage the great. Miya and Moskov are shooters who will make it Improve attack speed of CompetenciesSo it goes perfectly with the Scarlet Phantom.

Besides, the heroes are the ones who get Buff damage of CompetenciesIt’s also compatible with Scarlet Phantom. For example, Irithel, Bruno, Clint, and Lesley. Helcurt and Natalia are very good assassins with this item.

Purchase time

You can buy Scarlet Phantom after purchasing shoe items or in the second slot. You can also purchase it after purchasing Berserker’s Fury and Lifesteal items. That way you can save that item in the third or fourth slot, aisle.


Scarlet Phantom is very suitable for use by heroes who depend on it Basic attack like Sagittarius. Heroes who have Improve attack speed of CompetenciesIt’s also very cook with this item.

These are the discussion boards this time about Scarlet Phantom Mobile Legends. Now you know what the function of objects is. Hopefully useful and happy gaming gangs ^^

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