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The best smartphone to play Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Infinix is ​​a smartphone brand from Hong Kong that in the near future, precisely on May 3, 2021, will launch its newest product in Indonesia, the gamers, especially players of the “Mobile Legend Bang Bang.” The device is the Infinix HOT 10S. In its latest leak, Infinix seems to reveal the HOT 10S specifications.

According to information circulating, Infinix HOT 10S will carry the fastest gaming specs and chipset in its class to provide the best experience, especially when playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Based on a leaked photo showing the back of the Infinix HOT 10S box, it is shown that the gaming chipset used is the MediaTek Helio G85.
Whereby the chipset of the Helio G series is known as the premium gaming chipset from MediaTek. The position of the Helio G85 as the highest gaming chipset in the MediaTek family is the main advantage of Infinix HOT 10S to provide the best gaming performance.

also Premium chipsets, other news also mentions that MLBB ( Mobile Legends Bang Bang ) and Infinix have prepared a number of special features for the Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang. So it is certain that Infinix Hot 10S users will receive exclusive content for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game as well as an optimization of the gaming experience.

Infinix would like to present a promising entry-level gaming smartphone from various aspects, one of which plays the most popular Moba game MLBB. For this reason we are working again with MLBB. We hope that with the launch of Hot 10S on May 3, 2021, players will have a better gaming experience than they did before Pengalaman“said Infinix Indonesia Country Manager Marketing, concluded Sergio Ticoalu.

Not only that, one of Indonesia’s well-known tech youtubers with millions of subscribers also took part in the test of the Infinix HOT 10S.

In addition to a powerful gaming chipset, the Infinix HOT 10S will be equipped with a huge battery with a capacity of 6,000 mAh, which can provide additional endurance and run games for 17 hours with a 100 percent battery condition and play music for days without interruption.

Infinix HOT 10S is also said to be a powerful gaming smartphone, the launch of which is considered exclusive as it collaborates with Mobile Legends Game: Bang Bang May 3, 2021 is considered a gaming phone. Best in class price and a must see in 2021.

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