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Build the worst and best Pharsa Item 2021 Mobile Legends | Games – After making some old heroes like Valir and Bruno overhauled, it is now Pharsa’s turn to be overhauled by Moonton to balance out the new heroes from the Mobile Legend game. Pharsa’s abilities have been changed to have higher damage.

As we know, Pharsa is a magician hero who is very rarely seen in both classic and ranked modes. The reason players didn’t use it was because it was quick to kill and the skills weren’t as painful either.

With that hero now back in demand with gamers again, Moonton as a developer has made many modifications to his skills that TeknoGeng will discuss in this article, including the latest build items, emblems, spells and how to play them to make them when they are officially on the original server, you can win immediately

Passive Skill – Spiritual Unity Un

Pharsa Mobile Legend Passive Skill Gif

If Pharsa is out of action for 4 seconds, Pharsa will turn into a fog around Verri (become a bird), fly over obstacles and increase movement speed by 30%. Pharsa will exit this mode if hit by CC or if she uses basic attacks or abilities. Now Pharsa turns into a bird with passive skills and flies indefinitely. Here is an excerpt.

Skill 1 – Curse of the Crow

Gif Skill 1 Pharsa Mobile Legend

Pharsa casts her spell on the target area, dealing 300 magic damage to enemies in the area, slowing them by 40% for 1 second and leaving a trail on them. This mark lasts for 4 seconds and becomes a stun when hit by the next Pharsa skill.

Skill 2 – Energy Influence

Gif Skill 2 Pharsa Mobile Legend

There aren’t many changes to Skill 2, it still releases magical energy in a predetermined direction. Only the damage has been increased from the original 350 magical damage to 400 magical damage to enemies affected by this skill, and the cooldown from 9 seconds to 6.5 seconds.

Skill 3 – Feathered Air Raid

Gif Skill 3 Pharsa Mobile Legend

Now for Skill 3 or Ultimate, which is Pharsa’s mainstay, he’s getting a change that can actually be called Nerf. This is due to the fact that the rapidity of water that could previously be released at will (according to the final duration) is now limited to only 4 times. However, it has been increased from the previous 500 magic damage to 600 magic damage and the final attack increased by 30%. And the cooldown, which was initially only 8 seconds, became longer, namely 24 seconds (shorter depending on the level).

Ability combination

Mobile Legends skill combination

With the skill set changed as described above, the combination of the skills of Pharsa also changes. Now the correct order of skill combinations to use is 1-2-3, skill 1 fires a spell and gives a mark, then skill 2 to add damage and stun, then the ultimate skill to finish.

TeknoGeng now sees the changes of the current Pharsa hero and can determine the advantages and disadvantages of the new Pharsa hero as follows.

The benefits of Hero Pharsa Mobile legends

  • The damage is higher, now Pharsa is one of the high damage mages.
  • Very wild, Pharsa goes wild because it takes longer to be a bird than its original form. This makes it more flexible to keep track of each lane.
  • With a slow and stun effect, Pharsa can now create a slow and stun effect that makes the enemy unable to escape the attack that has been launched.

Lack of Hero Pharsa Hero Mobile legends

  • Ultimate is limited, now Pharsa’s ultimate attack is limited to only 4 times by duration.
  • Still soft, despite higher damage, but not with defense. Pharsa remains a hero who is easy to kill if spoken to.

Recommended item Build Hero Pharsa Mobile legends

Build Item Pharsa Mobile Legend
Build Item Pharsa Mobile Legend

The above build items are best for pairing with the new Pharsa hero, along with an explanation of the effects of each of these items (order of your choice).

Fast boots with attribute: +80 movement SPD with a unique passive side effect: Causing or receiving damage reduces the hero’s movement speed by 40. Lasts 5 seconds.

Clock of fate gives an additional 60 magical power, +615 hp, +600 mana with a unique passive time: adds 30 hp and 5 magical attacks every 30 seconds. up to 10 times.

Lightning stick Grants 75 magic power +300 mana + 10% cooldown reduction. Unique passive resonance effect: every 6 seconds, the next magical skill inflicts additional magical damage to 3 enemies, which scales with the hero’s mana.

Frozen wand gives 75 magical power, + 10% magical lifesteal, +150 mana and + 7% movement speed with a unique passive lce limit: Skill that inflicts damage to enemy heroes slows them down by 15%, this effect lasts 3 seconds Stackable up to 2 times.

Divine glaive with attribute + 40% Magical PEN, +65 Magic Power with unique passive spell breaker: If HP is higher than 70%, the unique effect is increased by 30%.

Holy crystal offers an additional 100 magical power with a unique secret passive: Increases the magical attack by 21% -35% (increases with the level).

The matching emblem for Pharsa’s heroes is Custom magician Emblem or Assassin.

For spells, use Purify: cd: 75 seconds, immediately removes all debuffs. Get immune effect against CC effect for 1.2 seconds and increase movement speed by 30%. Or flicker to adjust the position when using Ultimate.

How to play the correct hero Pharsa Mobile legends

At the beginning of the game, focus on eliminating minions to get gold and unlock all levels. You should always follow friends to help each other so as not to miss the opposing team’s level and gold. When the ultimate level is unlocked, try to tease the enemy.

If you enter in the middle of the game, you may have some main items. Try to explore each lane to help your teammates disrupt the enemy’s concentration.

By the time you enter the end of the game you should be able to purchase all of the Pharsa items. Now with increased damage, you can kill enemies faster. But keep an eye on your position, don’t let the enemy team’s killer kidnap you.

Hero Pharsas best teammate har Mobile legends

Aurora: Pharsa is very well suited to pair with mages like Aurora because if the opponent’s hero can be frozen, Pharsa can do extra damage with his ultimate. Or Kaja, who can tie up enemies with his whip.

Best Counter Hero Hero Pharsa Mobile legends

Saber: Originally Pharsa’s best counterattack was Zhask, but after it got overworked and wilder, TeknoGeng recommended Saber as a counterattack as Saber can lock and kill Pharsa quickly.

Tips and tricks for playing Hero Pharsa Mobile legends

Positioning is the main key when using Pharsa’s heroes. Make sure that you cannot be easily kidnapped by the opponent’s hero and when using Ultimate, make sure that you are near tankers or hidden places that are difficult for your opponent to find.

Even as the Pharsa skill gets updated and more painful, don’t let yourself be turned into a mukill player. Because ideally Pharsa is still the hero responsible for disrupting the formation of the opposing team and causing additional damage.

Teamwork is everything

With the hero of Pharsa, try to get the ultimate ability as soon as possible so that you can damage the formation of the opposing team. And you have to go in the same direction with your friends, don’t be a selfish gamer who can wreak havoc on your team and end up losing. Play with fun and without comments that can lead to a dispute.

Please also check the latest build items from other heroes only at TeknoGeng, so that you can become an invincible player in the Land of Dawn.


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