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Skill Commander Buss Magic Chess Mobile Legends

Buss is a commander that you can use in Magic Chess Mobile Legends. You can get Commander for 24,000 battle points and buy skins directly to unlock all skills. This commander skill from Buss is quite unique when compared to other commanders.

This bus also contains one of the best Magic Chess Commanders that you can use to advance your rank on Mythic. Although rarely used by professional players in tournaments, one of Buss’ skills is still very effective. Below are the skills that Bus possesses in Magic Chess Mobile Legends.

Skill 1: Blessings for the weak

The passive of this 1 Buss Skill is that you update the shop for free after being defeated in the previous round. If you get less than 10 points of damage, you can update the shop once for free.

If you get more than 10 points of damage, you can refresh the shop once.

This 1 buss skill is perfect for getting a lot of 1 star heroes like Saber, Miya, and Martis. You can reach level 3 for one-star heroes. In fact, you can get up to three level 3 heroes by just reaching level 6.

Gameplay Ability 1 bus

In order to maximize this 1-Buss ability, you must play first in the early game. Even you have to be ready to lose 35 HP by the first box of fate in order to get many one-star heroes.

Most players using the 1 Buss skill will forget to save or receive no interest (gold is less than 10). If you don’t save, it’s very difficult to make a comeback in the middle of the game. So try to keep saving even when using Buss 1.

To get many one-star heroes to level 3, of course, you have to be patient. You have to freshen up the shop in slot 5. Because in this slot level 1 heroes are easy to get, but you have to fight other players too.

Recommended Combo Skill 1 Buss

This 1-Buss skill is perfect for those of you who want to bring a star to level 3 heroes like Miya. If you want to play Elf or Marksman, you have to refresh the shop to bring Miya to level three. When it’s late, he can become a carry hero.

Skill 1 is also very good if you want to play Dragon Altar or Weapon Master. If you want to build the dragon altar, collect a lot of Akai and Zilong heroes. If you want to set up the armorer, collect Martis and Zilong heroes.

Skill 2: Don’t waste, don’t want to

The passive of this 2 buss skill is that you will refresh the shop with just 1 gold. But this passive is only valid for 2 refresh shop times, if you use more than 2 times you will still use 2 gold.

Play ability 2 Buss

In contrast to Skill 1, Skill 2, you can also use Buss in aggressive gameplay without having to give up first. You can play aggressively from the start, but the risk is that you won’t get any items in the first Destiny box.

In fact, this 2-Buss skill is also very suitable for getting 1-star heroes in the early game up to the sixth slot. However, if you want to collect a lot of heroes, it will be more effective to use Skill 1.

You don’t need a special combination when using the 2-Buss skill as it is very flexible. This skill can be used until the end of the game, although its effectiveness is very low.

Skill 3: The Midas touch

The passive of this 3-Buss skill is that you will get Legend Heroes (Star Heroes / Gold 5) at the start of the game. You can hit the Buss skill after the first Destiny box. Then you can press this skill again after 15 rounds.

This Buss Commander skill is perfect for those of you who want to get high-priced heroes right from the start of the game. The high-priced heroes include Yu Zhong, Gatotkaca, Odette, Thamuz, and the Minotaur.

Gameplay Ability 3 Buss

After the first box of fate, you immediately press the Buss skill to refresh the shop for legendary heroes. Usually there are two of the same heroes out of the 5 heroes available in the shop. You can take the same 2 heroes in the refreshment shop, for example 2 Gatotkaca.

But to take it you can adjust it again according to the combination that you will live in the game.

To get these legendary heroes you need to save from the beginning of the game. Try to get your gold over 10 or 20 for maximum interest. Save until late in the game because the chance to reach level 3 on Hero Legends is wide open.

Recommended combo skill 3 Buss

This 3-buss skill is perfect for playing fast or getting to slot 7 as fast as possible. Because heroes with high prizes are received in slots 7 and above. One of the best combinations for this 3-Buss skill is Shift Shitler with the composition of Zhask and Yu-Zhong heroes.

If you want to use the wrestler and armorer combo, the 3 Buss skill is perfect. Because in the beginning you can get Gatotkaca and Thamuz at once.

That’s a statement from the commander of Buss Magic Chess Mobile Legends. One of Buss’ magical chess commander skills that I highly recommend is Skill 1. Just like Remy, Buss is one of the best magical chess commanders of 2021.

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