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Cursed helmet function, automatic damage item in Mobile Legends | Games – Items are an aspect that everyone who plays Mobile Legends should know. With the item, the hero we use has a maximum status, be it defense Still attack.

One of the items included in Mobile Legends is Damn helmet. This item is usually used by tank or battle heroes. Yes, because the cursed helmet is an item of defense that offers high defense status.

This cursed helmet is usually used by tank heroes to help out their teammates Agriculture more quickly. Because this article offers magical damage automatically to hero and non-hero units near the user.

In this article, TeknoGeng will take a closer look at the “Cursed Helmet” feature in Mobile Legends. What’s so good about this bull head item? Let’s check out the review below.

Base status

Damn helmet function
Damn helmet. Image: Doc TeknoGengID

+1200 hp: In front-polishing, this cursed helmet item only gives 900 HP. But now this item gives very high HP, so the sale value of this item is even higher. When we have high HP, we will be more permanent in the early to center Games.

+25 magic defense: This article gives Magic defense that’s pretty high in early game, so it is very effective against magical heroes. Not as big as Athena’s shield and oracle, but additional defense Which is very value.

Passive Skills – Burning soul

The main selling point of this cursed helmet item is its passivity. The passive in question is the hero using that item Magical damage 1.5% based on the closest opponent’s maximum HP per second. Minions’ damage is increased by 50%.

Cursed Helmet really helps the team with its passive voice Team fight, especially against low mobility heroes like Layla and Hanabi. It becomes even more effective when this item is combined with the Dominance Ice item, as enemies near the user will be affected by the slowing effect.

More important than that cursed helmet item is that it can help heroes wear to the Agriculture. Because this article can help us clean up the minions quickly. Of course, this effect is very useful for tank heroes as the average tank hero is very slow the way is clear.

For whom is it suitable?

Cursed Helmet is very suitable for use by Heldenpanzer initiators who like open war in the midst of the enemy. Because the passivity of this cursed helmet item is unlimited. The passive works as long as an opposing hero is close to the user.

The longer we are near the enemy, the more HP decreases. But you need to make sure first. We suggest that you do not approach the enemy if our level and gold are still below.

The hero who is very well suited to using this item is Hylos. This item is very well suited to be combined with both abilities, which also offer DPS and effects dragging. This way, enemies who are nearby will be difficult to escape and easier to kill.

This cursed helmet is very suitable for use in early game because in addition to the low price, the passive effect is also very good to help your colleagues Agriculture. You can also pay for it in installments first by buying the basic item, namely Melted essence. It’s just an effect Burning soulthere won’t be damage Size.

Before buying this cursed helmet, pay attention to the composition of the opposing team, there is at least one hero mage. Because if all opposing heroes are physical types, the magical damage effect of this item is useless.

Shut down

These are the review gangs this time about the function of the cursed helmet. If you have any additional information or any other tips about this article, please share your thoughts in the comments section, folks. Hopefully this article is very helpful to you and hopefully there are more articles that we at TeknoGeng review.


Attributes, item names, images, status and unique status of this item are subject to change at any time when adjustments are made by Moonton. We’ll change as much as possible when there’s an update from the party developer. Thanks for your visit.

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