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Build the Worst and Best Lapu Lapu Item 2021 Mobile Legends | Games – Lapu-Lapu is a popular half-assassin’s fighter hero for many players in the Mobile Legend game. Deadly attacks and good defense are the reasons this hero is still widely used. In his story, Lapu-Lapu was a war leader on an island called Makadan, using his twin swords and troops he managed to repel the invaders who were disturbing the people. After keeping the Makadan people safe, he decided to venture into the Land of Dawn.

This hero has exceptional skills and is well suited for use in ranked play. There are still many professional players who use this hero in national and international tournaments.

In this article TechnoGang will provide a full tutorial and of course the latest about the Lapu-Lapu Fighter hero, from the best build items, emblems, spells to how to play them, so that you too can become a Lapu-Lapu pro gamer. But before that, you should also know the advantages and disadvantages of the proud hero of the Philippines.

Advantages of Lapu-Lapu

Lapu-Lapu saves high damage from the six abilities it has. And supported by good movement makes Lapu-Lapu very suitable for use in war / team combat.

Thanks to his abilities that save a lot of damage, Lapu-Lapu is one of the OP heroes at the beginning of the game. When you use it, you have to play aggressively in order to finish the game as soon as possible.

Lapu-Lapu’s passive ability provides a bonus shield that is very useful when dueling or fighting in team fights. This passive skill can be easily activated with just 5x spam skills on enemy heroes or jungle monsters.

Disadvantages of Lapu-Lapu

The main weakness of Lapu-Lapu is that it is weak at the end of the game as it relies only on skills that have lags and cooldowns, as well as basic slow attacks and small damage.

  • Lose duel combatants

In a close duel with other Lapu-Lapu fighters, like against Zilong or Alucard, you lose because of their slow basic attack and less damage, especially if it entered the middle and end of the game.

This makes Lapu-Lapu more likely to be an assassin as he relies heavily on his skills rather than his basic attacks like other fighters. Hence, players really need to understand the timing of when is the right time to attack and when is the right time to run away.

Lapu-Lapu-Build Recommendations

Build Item Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legend

The above build items are best suited to pair with Lapu Lapu heroes, along with an explanation of the implications of each of these items (choice number one).

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Warrior boots Has Attributes: +40 Movement SPD with Unique Passive Valor: Physical Defense is increased by 5 each time an auto attack is received, up to a maximum of 25. This effect lasts for 3 seconds.

Endless struggle has the effect of +65 physical attack, +25 mana regeneration, +250 HP, + 10% cooldown reduction, + 5% movement SPD and + 15% physical lifesteal with a unique passive Divine Justice: After using the skill, the next The normal Attack deals an additional 856 physical attacks as real damage, and there is also a passive 10% increase in movement speed.

Bloodlust ax gives + 20% spell vampire, +70 physical attack and + 10% cooldown reduction.

Blade of Despair Deals +170 Physical Attack and + 5% Movement SPD. Unique Passive Despair: Attacking enemy units with HP below 50% increases the Hero’s physical attack by 25% for 2 seconds. (Effect active before damage calculation).

Brute force breastplate offers +770 HP and +45 physical defense with unique passive brute force ability or basic attack increases movement speed by 3%, physical and magical defense by 4% for 4 seconds and can be stacked up to 5 times.

Queen’s wing Inflicts +15 Physical Attack, +1000 HP and +106 Cooldown Reduction with a unique Passive Demonizing: Reduces damage taken by 509% when HP is below 4096 and increases physical Lifesteal by 3096. Lasts 5 seconds. This effect has a cultdown of 50 seconds.

Emblems that are suitable for Lapu-Lapu are Custom Fighter Emblems, Physical or Assassins.

Use for spells Petrify : CD time: 90. This spell deals 100 (+15 hero level) magical damage to nearby enemies (increases with level) and stuns the target for 0.7 seconds. Or you can also use Retribution to speed up farming as a solo laner.

Lapu-Lapu ability

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Passive – belief of the hero, Lapu-Lapu receives a stacking shield after hitting the opponent’s hero or monster with his abilities. After his stacking shield is full, he gains protection and additional damage for his basic attack.

Skill 1 – Justice Blade, Throw both swords at the enemy that can do damage and hit the enemy at the same time, and when you switch to Heavysword mode, Skill 1 is about a sword that has a slow effect.

Skill 2 – Brave Stance, Lapu-Lapu goes in the indicated direction and deals damage to the enemy. And in Heavysword mode, the skill turns into a spin and offers additional defense.

Skills 3 – Chieftain’s Rage, the two swords will unite to deal great damage and be accompanied by a stun effect. Then Lapu-Lapu switches to Heavysword mode, where every skill changes and with greater damage.

How to Get Lapu-Lapu. plays

At the beginning of the game, focus on clearing minions and farming in the upper or lower back alleys to add gold coffers so you can quickly buy items and unlock the ultimate level to make Lapu-Lapu stronger. At the beginning of the game, this hero will be very OP.

By the time you enter the middle of the game, you may have received some of the main items. Try to repay the opponent’s blood with skill 1 and do a push when the opponent has called back or it is safe to do so.

By the time you enter the end of the game you should be able to purchase all of the Lapu Lapu items. Now you can take part in team fights / wars using a 1-2-3 skill combination. But remember that if you duel directly, Lapu-Lapu will lose. Pay attention to the conditions of the fight before joining the fight.

Lapu-Lapu’s best teammate

Tigreal: Lapu-Lapu is very well suited to work with tankers like Tigreal, because if Tigreal executes ultimatae and manages to collect enemy heroes, it will be easier for Lapu-Lapu to start his ultimate attack and finish off the enemy.

Lapu-Lapu’s best counter hero

Chou: If Lapu-Lapu is on the opposing team, you can use Chou as a counter hero as Chou has a lot of crowd control that can thwart Lapu-Lapu’s ultimate ability and avoid his abilities.

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Tips & tricks for playing Hero Lapu-Lapu

  • Play more aggressively at the beginning of the game

Lapu-Lapu is an OP hero at the beginning of the game, as he can repay the opponent’s blood with his 1st ability and the damage is higher than that of the opposing hero. Try to push as early as possible to give your team more flexibility in conducting formations.

  • Avoid the basic attack duel with the opposing fighter

Don’t be so easily provoked into a fistfight with an opposing fighter with a basic attack, especially since the opponent’s fighter is Alucard or Freya, as you will lose considering that Lapu-Lapu’s basic attack is very slow and doesn’t do a lot of damage.

  • Don’t just use Skill 2

Skill 2 Lapu-Lapu, which you can use to escape when you are critical or to hunt down enemies who are otherwise critical. We recommend that you save Skill 2 for these two situations, don’t use any to get close to the enemy, especially in the late game.

Teamwork is everything

Use Lapu-Lapu with a confident style of play, maximize his great power at the beginning of the game to dominate the game, and stay on top of your friends’ direction. Don’t be a selfish gamer who can wreak havoc on your team that ultimately leads to defeat. Play with fun and without comments that can lead to a dispute.

Please also check the latest build items from other heroes only at TeknoGeng, so that you can become an invincible player in the Land of Dawn.

Author : Muhammad Zaini 
Editor : Nasrul Officials

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