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The strengths and weaknesses of Hero Aldous in Mobile Legends

Hero Aldous in Mobile Legends is one of the heroes who is often banned in ranked mode and even becomes a meta-hero in 2021.

Just like other MOBA heroes, the Aldous hero in Mobile Legends has advantages and disadvantages that you need to know so that you know the specifics and how to defeat or defeat heroes often. stack these. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the Aldous hero in the version of Mobile Legends:

The strengths of Held Aldous

The advantages of Hero Aldous in Mobile Legends - TeknoGeng
The advantages of Hero Aldous in Mobile Legends – TeknoGeng

Deadly finisher

Skill 3 Aldous can find out the enemy’s HP. That way, he can target a hero whose blood is dying. With this skill, Aldous can be the best finisher for the team.

High durability

For his role as a fighter, Aldous has a very high durability. With his second ability he can be immune to all basic attacks and get a high damage reduction. This ability is of course very useful for melee or fighter heroes when a 1-on-1 battle is going on.

Very high burst damage

Aldous’ main ability is his first ability. This skill can deploy a stack of up to 500 stacks, and each stack offers an additional 8 physical attacks. With only 2 stacks, Aldous can kill the opponent’s hero with a few simple attacks.

Super hero late game

Just like Natalia and Irithel, Aldous is a super late game hero. He can only destroy all enemy heroes with Spam Skill 1. We can even use Skill 1 to hit the tower quickly. So you should quit the game as soon as possible when dealing with Aldous.

Very easy to use

Aldous is a hero who, according to Mimin, is quite easy to use as he doesn’t have a complicated ability mechanism. But what drives a lot of beginners to make mistakes is to use Skill 3 and play aggressively when Skill 1’s stack isn’t high enough.

Hero Aldous weaknesses

Strengths and weaknesses of Aldou's heroes - TeknoGeng
Hero Aldous – TeknoGeng

Very weak in the early game

Aldous relies heavily on Stack Skill 1 so he is very weak at the start of the game. He needs to get as much as possible with the final hit for the damage from his first skill to be great. Aldous was less active at the beginning of the game.

Minimal CC skills

The only CC owned by Aldous is the explosion of skill 2 in the form of a stun effect. This effect is also quite short, so the enemy is still quite easy to escape.

Very weak against CC

Often newbies are even beaten back when using Skill 3. Therefore, we must first pay attention to the situation before using this skill.

Need time

To get a high stack quickly, we need to take one final hit on the Minion or Creep. The problem now is that we don’t always get a team to work with (especially for solo players). They even make one final hit which actually prevents us from getting the stack fast.


Well, those are the strengths and weaknesses of the Aldous hero in Mobile Legends that you should know about. And now it’s time to help master this one hero stack higher and stronger.

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