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How to effectively raid opponents in Bush Mobile Legends | Games – The play area in Mobile Legends or known as Land of the Dawn has a lot of grass. Grass or bush We can use this to hide from enemy pursuit, observe enemy movement, and ambush (Ambush) those who are busy laning or Agriculture.

Well, it turns out the grass we can hide with is different, gang. The grass that we can’t hide with is only part of it background Course. Moonton deliberately differentiates between these two types of grass so that we can see at a glance where the next grass is.

Well, in this article, TeknoGeng is going to discuss TeknoGeng’s location bush or weed in Mobile Legends. By knowing the location bush, hope we can do it Ambush Well. Let’s just take a look at the review below.

Middle row

place bush The first is at middle lane. bush The greatest fun factor is very noticeable in terms of shape or position indeed. bush it flanks the right and left sides middle row and has a shape that resembles a capital “I”.

bush it is often used to do Ambush to the heroes Midlaner. Well because bush the one in this position resembles the letter “I”, we can enter from below from the outside so that the enemy who is inside, middle row didn’t know we were inside bush.

When we just turned off above or lower lane, we can also enter from the top from the outside and stop by to help Mid laner.

When is the right time for Ambush?

The right time Ambush namely when the opponent’s hero is too close to our tower. Let’s attack them first with Crowd control so that they cannot escape. It is better to do it in full coordination so that the opponent’s hero cannot escape and, of course, with it Ambush we are not in vain.

bush that exist in middle row We can also use this to take a look at the movement of the enemy killing monsters jungle the left one. If we’re lucky, we can steal them or predict where they will go.

Upper track

There is only one thing bush that’s in the top lane that we can use for Ambush. Usually bush it is used for Ambush in the early game when the jungle monsters just appeared. bush It’s located next to the jungle monster near the enemy lane.

We can sneak from outside of town Mr and Turtle respawn go in bush The. Or you can also log in from bush before the River crab (Hermit Crab). Speed ​​and coordination are the best strategies for Ambush In this position.

Cancel Ambush if there are two enemy heroes who Agriculture near bush these. If we have Burst damage up, can we steal the monster. process Ambush or steal jungle monsters in bush that could contain a little Team fight. If the enemy is actually pulling back because they are dying, we can take this opportunity to cut off the enemy servants so that we can Agriculture free.

Lower track

Ideal position to do Ambush this is in the front socket River crab. We can use this position to spy on opponents who are doing it Agriculture on River crab in the early game. Well, usually they’ll pull the monster towards them bush the left one.

At least we need a partner to do that Ambush in the bush that and try if our friend is a Severely disabled. When River crab we can steal it and kill the dying enemy after trying to defeat them River crab.

We can sneak in too bush the one next door River crab do Ambush medium-sized hero pad Agriculture against monsters Goblins.

If we’re lucky, we can sneak up on it bush the one near the monster polishing Blue. Usually the enemy pulls the monster up into the bush so he doesn’t see if we’re watching him inside bush near them. If the situation allows, we can Ambush and steal buffs.

That is the discussion for this time bush in Mobile Legends. By knowing the location bush, we can be more specific Ambush to the enemy. Hopefully useful and safe Shift rank^^

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