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Build the strongest and Strongest Uranus Evos anti-alter ego

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Today I am sure to give you more information about Mobile Legends heroes. This time I will give the strongest and Strongest build Uranus Evos Antimage Against Alter Ego in MPL ID Mobile Legends.

Build the strongest Uranus Evos Antimage

Uranus is a high durability hero tanker specializing in rain and easy to use. Uranus has an ability that HP can continually regenerate so it’s not easy to beat. Uranus has abilities that can quickly regenerate its HP and increase its abilities. In addition, Uranus has an Ultimate Ability that can regenerate its HP and increase its strength. The gameplay of Hero Uranus as Oflaner is quite simple, just keep the tower safe and try to cut the minions in the enemy line to make it harder for the enemy and disrupt enemy buffs to lure opponents to us so our team The enemy tower Uranus is therefore a hero track that overwhelms the opponent, because he has a very fast HP regeneration in addition to his big HP.

Explanation of the Uranus skill

Passive ability blasting
Every time Uranus takes damage, it gains energy and increases its HP regeneration speed.

Skill 1 Ionian Edge
Uranus releases a sphere that revolves around him, dealing damage to enemy targets and reducing their attributes.

Skill 2 Transcendent Ward
Uranus rushes to the specified location and creates energy shield. The shield explodes, damaging nearby enemies.

Ultimate consecration ability
Uranus regenerates its HP and increases its strength.

The following items are items from the Ethereal Defender of Hero Uranus.

Warrior boots
The first item in the Uranus Evos Antimage Build is a warrior boot item. This item is an armor shoe that can increase Uranus’ physical defense and movement speed. Shoes that add armor can, of course, further toughen up against physical attacks by the enemy.

Enchanted talisman
The second item in the Uranus Evos Antimage Build is an enchanted talisman item. This item is a magical item that can provide additional magical power and cooldown reduction. Additionally, this item can also regenerate mana regeneration, so Uranus can spam abilities to provide magical power and HP regeneration so that Uranus can use his abilities more frequently. Items that support the abilities of this Uranus hero can certainly make it difficult for the enemy, because when Uranus uses a skill, Uranus continually regenerates its HP and overwhelms the opponent, no wonder Uranus becomes a meta-hero this season . With the help of this item, the “mana” of Uranus never runs out and can always spend abilities, as it has a high cooldown reduction that HP can continuously regenerate, so it is not easily eliminated.

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Brute frozen breastplate
The third item in the Uranus Evos Antimage Build is a brute force breastplate item. This item is a defense item that can provide extra HP as well as Physical Defense for Uranus who can be strong at guarding the tower or destroying the opponent’s buff. In addition, when Uranus uses abilities or simple attacks, items increase movement speed and increase physical and magical defense. So with this item, Uranus has high defense.

The fourth item in Build Uranus Evos Antimage is an Oracle item. This item is a defense item that can provide extra HP and magical defense, as well as a reduction in cooldown. This item must be used by this Uranus hero in addition to providing extra HP and magical defense, it can also increase shield absorption and HP regeneration, so Uranus cannot be easily defeated. This item is designed to help Uranus last longer on the battlefield. So this item of defense is very mandatory for you as it can increase defense and also speed up the regeneration of HP from Uranus, folks. With this item, Uranus doesn’t die that easily and can also make Uranus a very barbaric Sidelaner.

Dominance ice
The fifth item in the Uranus Evos Antimage Build is Dominance Ice. This item is a defense item that can provide mana, physical defense and also movement speed. This item can also slow down the next enemy Hero’s movement and attack speed. With this item, Uranus can weaken the opponent’s hero so that he can easily eliminate the opponent. This item must be used by Uranus as an initiator as it can increase defense while reducing the enemy’s movement and attack speed. That makes Uranus an overwhelming hero, guys.

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Winter club
The final item in the Uranus Evos Antimage Build is a winter baton item. Items are magical items that can provide extra magical power, physical defense, and extra HP. In addition, items can also freeze when in use. When Uranus activates this freezing effect, Uranus cannot do anything, but receives an immune effect against all damage and weakening. In order for this item to be able to help Uranus when it wants to crush the enemy or to be attacked by the enemy, you can press this item so that no damage can enter, so that it is not eliminated.

This is the strongest Uranus Evos antimage build

The strongest Uranus Evos antimage item

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