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The new hero Luo Yi can teleport a team

Hero Luo Yi is a hero mage available for free through Event 515 on Mobile Legend. This Luo Yi hero specializes in initiator or crowd control who has 4 skills and can teleport teammates to the enemy. Because the difficulty of this hero is quite high as you have to replace the Yin skill and the Yang skill to get the combo you want. Before this hero is present on the original server, I will explain the skills of this Luo Yi hero so that when this hero comes, you can learn the skills of Luo Yi.

Here is an explanation of Luo Yi’s abilities

Luo Yi’s passive ability “Duality”
Yi’s skill gives the battlefield the opposite time of yin and yang, each lasting up to 5 seconds. The reaction of ying and yang always occurred when two mark holders were close to each other. 45 magic damage is dealt every 0.3 seconds for holders of the same token. For different token owners, the 2 tokens are neutralized and deal 360 magical damage while causing a stun effect for 1 second. Every time Yi gives them a new time, he gains 270 shields a maximum of 2 times and a 50% increase in movement speed for 1 second.

Luo Yi’s 1st skill “Subversion”
Skill 1 Passive Reduces the cooldown of each Luo Yi skill by 2.50%.
Luo Yi’s Active Skill 1 changed his balance to Yin with his Shift Skill.

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Luo Yi’s 2nd skill “Dispersion”
Yi uses energy from Yang in a specific direction, spreads on the first attack, dealing 250 (+17) magic damage to targets and enemies behind the fan-shaped area. When it hits the opponent’s hero, there is the mark from Yang and transfers it to the other enemy hero behind it.
When this skill is pressed it can turn into yang, and when pressed again it can turn into ying. So Skill 2 is the core damage skill of this new hero. When we spend this skill, the first hero affected by this skill gets a marker. Then when you use this skill again the damage taken will be transferred to the hero behind it, wow cool.
When using this skill in Yang mode, the damage done is much greater than with skills in Yin mode.

Luo Yi’s third ability “Rotation”
Yi summons Aqua of Yin in a specific direction, which inflicts the Mark of Yin on enemies in the area, dealing 270 (+46) magic damage and slowing them by 60% for 0.8 seconds. Aqua of Yin lasts for 5 seconds and gives nearby units a continuous Yin-Yang response.
So if you use this skill in both yang mode and yin mode, they’ll both deal damage in a predetermined area folks.

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Luo Yi’s Ultimate Distraction
Luo Yi created a teleportation circle around himself and after using the skill for 3 seconds, sent the team’s hero in the teleportation circle to another location on the battlefield. The teleportation distance increases as the skill level increases.
So Luo Yi’s new hero can teleport this teammate, even the whole team’s hero can be teleported in a circle, wow, it’s really good to pick up this enemy folks. When the opposing team billets we hide in the bushes first and the enemy passes or farms, we bring a team with the ultimate ability to them, you will automatically be surprised, guys. This Luo Yi hero’s ultimate ability can’t bring enemy heroes to friends, guys. The ultimate can only be used to teleport a team of friends.

Hero Luo Yi is very good, maybe I would recommend support rather than magicians. So if you want to play this hero, you need a fast hand speed because you need to switch skills from yin to yang, ying to yang. But what is useful about Luo Yi is his ultimate ability to move friends in the given direction and is good for ganking, especially since the area is quite large.

What do you think? Will Luo Yi’s new hero join the meta in Season 16? See you later guys.
Okay come here first guys! Next, I’ll give you the build info suitable for Lou Yi’s new hero, guys. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
Hopefully helpful and happy fasting worship for Muslims.

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