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3 reasons why you need to buy this Popol and Kupa hero

Hi guys, welcome back to the Bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
Today I am going to give you 3 reasons why we need to buy this Popol and Kupa hero!

Reasons to Buy Popol and Kupa Heroes

1. Easy to use
The first reason it is mandatory to buy this Popol and Kupa hero is because it is easy to use. Popol and Kupa heroes are the first archer heroes who are very unique in that they carry a wolf and have 4 active skills. Despite many skills, this Popol and Kupa hero is easy to use. So this is very important for you. The first reason you need to buy Hero Popol and this Kupa is because it is easy to use and not easy to get rid of. Why does this reason appear because he’s a one of a kind marksman who carries a wolf. Although Popol has a low shelf life, the Kupa will always protect the Popol so it is not easily disposed of. Popol and Kupa have the ultimate ability called “We Are Angry” so this ability is the main ability of Popol’s heroes and it can do a lot of damage to the opponent, wow amazing !. So you have to be careful when you become the enemy of this New Hero Popol and Kupa.

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2. Has high damage
The second reason now is that it has Strong attack damage early in the game. So this Popol and Kupa hero has a lot of damage despite being an early game. Popol and Kupa can perform solo buffs without the help of heroes on a team, as there are Kupa who can help damage the buff while protecting Popol so that Popol’s HP does not decrease. Wow, this hero is really great. Even if the game has just started, Popol and Kupa can take Buffs alone without the help of the team, using their Ability 1. Additionally, the Ultimate Skill can empower Skill 1 and Skill 2 and give these skills additional effects. Additionally, Popol and Kupa also have abilities that can trap enemies and open maps so they can figure out locations like Selena’s Abyssal Trap ability. So all the skills that are in this Popol and Kupa hero can be useful and able to do damage and give slow and crowd control, so Popol and Kupa heroes are mandatory for you. So if you are attacked don’t worry because the wolf’s kupa can protect Popol so it cannot be easily eliminated, and this is what makes Popol and Kupa heroes capable of meta hyper-carry in rank mode to use, people.

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3. All skills have crowd control effects
Even if Popol and Kupa heroes aren’t tank heroes, they have skills that have word control effect, all guys. In the ultimate skill, Kupa will switch to “Alpawolf” mode and can greatly increase the damage and can increase skill 1 and skill 2 Popol and give these skills additional effects. If you find yourself anywhere near the Popol and Kupa heroes, be careful guys because this hero does significant damage, guys. And when Skill 1 Kupa is in “Alpa Wolf” mode, Kupa can attack with greater distance and the resulting damage is greater and in this mode the Kupa can stun the target for 1 second and 3 bites quickly. So this skill is a lock hero skill that can target the enemy precisely so that the enemy cannot escape the popol spear and kupa bite. This skill is the greatest source of damage from this new hero and is effective for catching enemies and chasing down enemies who want to run away. In addition, when the Kupa is in “Alpawolf”, Skill 2 can knock-up the next enemy and deal 150% more damage. So this skill is Popol’s survivability that he can get a shield from so that Popol can survive more if he is picked up by the enemy guys. In addition to the shields, all enemies near Popol will also be slowed, making it easier for Popol to escape. With this skill, Popol’s resistance in team combat becomes even greater and this skill is also effective when Popol is grouped by the opponent. However, Popol and Kupa heroes also have a weakness which is that they don’t have the skills to escape, so you guys try to position yourselves properly.

So these are the 3 reasons why you need to buy this Popol and Kupa hero and I will also give you the pros and cons of this Popol and Kupa hero. No matter how powerful the hero is, he must have a weakness.
I hope the information I have given is useful to you.

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