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6 differences in Mobile Legends and LoL Wild Rift you need to know

Mobile Legends fans want to play Wild Rift? Here are the differences beginners need to know, from Lanes, Spells, to Heroes!

The League of Legends Wild Rift closed beta was released just a few days ago, and Indonesia is the first country to get access to the test. Many Mobile Legends players can’t wait to play this new multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).

At first glance, LoL Wild Rift and Mobile Legends are very similar in terms of gameplay and graphics. But if you’re careful, there are many significant differences.

Here are some differences between MLBB and Wild Rift that you can find.

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Mobile Legends vs Wild Rift

1. Track difference & hero use

Wild Rift Lane

Lane in Wild Rift is divided into 4 sections: Baron Lane, Mid Lane, Dragon Lane, and Jungle Lane. Each lane requires a special champion to maximize gameplay. If you choose the wrong lane for the champion, players will have difficulty advancing, farming, and defeating opponents in the same lane.

There is no special hero or lane department in Mobile Legends. Players simply use a high damage hero to dominate the lane.

So if you are familiar with the 1-3-1 or 1-2-2 strategy in ML, keep in mind that the meta and strategy in Wild Rift will be much different and more complicated.

2. Runes vs. emblems

Wild Rift Runes (left), Mobile Legends Emblems (right)

Runes in Wild Rift work similarly to emblems in ML, but they are rendered free for all players and does not require an upgrade. Before the game begins, players simply choose the right runes for a particular champion.

In Mobile Legends, emblems can be upgraded with BP. The higher the level of the emblem, the stronger the hero is. This makes ML games less fair for beginners.

3. Magic spells

Wild Rift (left), Mobile Legends (right)

In Mobile Legends, before starting the game, you have to choose 1 specific spell that can be used throughout the game.

In Wild Rift, each champion must choose 2 spells before the game begins.

4. Station mechanism

Wild Rift (left), Mobile Legends (right)

Ward is one of the important elements in MOBA games (can be found in Dota 2 and LoL) where players have the vision to see enemy movement / positions in the blind spot area.

In Wild Rift, players must place wards in blind spots or bushes in order to clearly see the enemy’s movements.

In Mobile Legends, however, there is no station mechanism. In general, support heroes have a responsibility to watch over enemies in blind spots and bushes.

Of course, the meta and strategy in the two mobile games will be very different due to the difference in the station mechanism system.

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5. Gold and XP points

Gold Xp Points
Wild Rift (left), Mobile Legends (right)

In Mobile Legends, players fight minions / monsters for gold and XP that are used to level up heroes. The players themselves don’t have to kill the minions and simply stand near the minions while their teammates kill them.

In Wild Rift, however, there is a “last hit” system. The champion himself has to kill the minions to get gold. However, you can get XP standing near the champion who last met the servant.

6. Item buying mechanism

Object of purchase-wild-crack
Wild Rift items for sale

In Wild Rift, players can only buy and upgrade items in the base. So when you are out of base the only way to buy items for your champion is by walking back to base.

In Mobile Legends, players can easily purchase items anytime, anywhere.

So here are the differences between Mobile Legends and Wild Rift.

In addition, Wild Rift is arguably “fairer” than Mobile Legends. In ML, players can “buy” power. For example, buying a skin to get extra damage or needing BP to use certain skills like flicker. While in Wild Rift, all skills are given away for free to ensure fairness.

What do you think of the game Wild Rift? Can it compete with Mobile Legends?

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