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The 5 best heroes for Meta Hyper Carry in Mobile Legends

Since MPL ID Season 5, Meta Hyper Carry is often used in Mobile Legends matches for the push rank. Find the best hero for the next hyper-carry!

Before you get into the discussion, do you know what META is? In short, meta is a strategy which aims to effectively achieve victory in the game.

In Mobile Legends you can often find players who Hyper carry, a strategy / meta where the team only uses one hero core (main damage dealer) to elevate the entire team. While the other four heroes have the task of providing support and protecting the wearer.

In general, Hyper Carry uses 2 buffs at the same time, a red buff and a blue buff. In addition, the hero needs all the hero farms to get more gold and level up faster.

Heroes, usually used as hyper-carry, have great damage and DPS, and can farm quickly. Often times, the chosen type is a marksman. But you can also use assassins, fighters, and mages.

In this article, we discuss the best heroes for Hyper Carry in the current Mobile Legends meta-season. Let’s just have a look!

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The best hyper-carry hero in Mobile Legends

1. Claude


The sniper hero who is banned very often and indeed is one of the best heroes to be hyper-carry in mobile legends. Yes, who else but Claude?

There is no need to doubt Claude’s abilities, especially his movement speed and attack speed.

This hero can perform two basic attacks at the same time and is therefore suitable for destroying towers and enemies with a lot in a short time.

The Ultimate itself has an Area of ​​Effect (AoE) that is useful for hyper-carry and solo kills. While skill 2 can be used to escape.

Another advantage of Claude is the ability to clear paths and jungles quickly.

Use the Hyper Carry Roll to get a Demon Hunter Sword ASAP. With this item, Claude’s damage increases quickly. Only with his ult and base attack can you kill any enemy!

2. Career


Karrie is a marksman who is very feared by tanks. Where from? This hero has a passive ability that can expose tanks to great real damage. He is also very popular because of his agile movements and can turn quickly.

If you use the slow effect of the blue buff and the true damage of the red buff, the damage is very painful. In fact, Karrie’s own true harm is already very painful even without strengthening.

Especially if Karrie was a farming business, your team can easily win! With this hyper-carry role, Karrie can now quickly get around the farm early game. After that, all you have to do is position Karrie behind the tank and then spam her basic attacks and skills!

This sniper hero is also very easy to use, making it suitable for beginners. Karrie is a must-have when Claude is banned!

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3. Ling

ling mobile legends

Ling is a hero assassin who tends to be difficult to play but very strong! Much like Hanzo, Ling can steal enemy jungles. He can also kill most enemy carry heroes with one shot and solo.

Like other hyper-carry heroes, Ling can quickly clear alleys and farms. However, this hero has a unique advantage, which is the ability to spin lanes and ganks faster than other heroes.

With the Hyper Carry reel, you simply focus on the jungle to get as much gold as possible in the early game. Once Ling has received the required items, your team can easily win. You can also use the red buff as Ling is an Assassin Physical Damage.

Ling’s mobility alone made it easy for him to escape. So tanks can focus on enemy ganks and CC for kills.

If you choose Ling, you shouldn’t be wasting its hyper-carry potential!

4. Yu Zhong


This season, Yu Zhong is one of the overwhelmed heroes with the perfect skills! The combination of regeneration skills, crowd control and AoE ranged combat damage makes this fighter hero invincible.

Yu Zhong is a hero who can enter 1v5 battles with enemies without losing much HP. Even if he is hit by a gank, this hero can fight back thanks to the magic vamp that can regenerate his HP.

5. Roger

roger mobile legends

The final best hyper-carry meta-hero is Roger. You might ask why Roger is on this list? Believe it or not, Roger is actually the strongest hero with great damage this season. In fact, higher-level players have often used it.

Roger has a high speed of movement and is agile for quick rotation and farming. Just like Karrie, the damage Roger deals depends on the opponent’s HP. So indirectly he has great combat damage. Not to mention, when he transforms into a wolf, his damage and attack speed increase instantly.

With good support, Roger can easily get into team combat and kill all enemies.

This is the best Mobile Legends hero for Hyper Carry this season. Make sure you communicate with the team before using this strategy, OK! If used correctly, you are guaranteed to improve the rank of Mobile Legends quickly.

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