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5 Mobile Legends heroes who get the most nerfed in the August 2021 patch

Moonton presents the latest Mobile Legends patch update 1.5.08. Among them there are several heroes who get serious nerfs. Curious? Let’s look at the following!

Mobile Legends has just released the patch update 1.5.08. The patch is pretty big this time around, as a total of 23 heroes are affected by nerfs and buffs.

For Mobile Legends fans, you definitely know the importance of knowing this change, right? While most of these changes aren’t significant, there are some Nerf heroes to watch out for so as not to be surprised when you use them.

So who are the heroes who got the heaviest nerfs in this patch update? To find out the answer, just take a look at the article below!


Hero Mobile Legends got Nerf with patch 1.5.08

1. Uranus

Uranus Mobile Legend Hero Tanks

Uranus is one of the best tank heroes who is often banned in Mobile Legends game. For reasons that are too OP, Moonton finally presents Nerf for its S2 and S3.

The first nerf is skill 2 Transcendent wandwho have favourited Uranus the ability to either hunt down enemies or escape. Previously this skill had a base damage that could be absorbed by Energy Shield from 400-1000, now it is only 300-750 damage.

In addition, Uranus’s Ulti Skill is also affected by Nerf. Before 50% increase in shield and HP regeneration for all levels, now only 30% -50%.

This nerf makes Uranus weaker at the beginning of the match, but remains the same towards the end of the match.

2. Yu Zhong


Hero fighter who is difficult to play but so overpowering that he has to be nerfed in patch 1.5.08.

The Nerfed Yu Zhong’s ability is his passive ability Cursing touch, effective heal slower and lower spell vamp. The duration of the previous Sha residue was 1 second to 2 seconds. Then when Sha Essence is fully charged, the movement speed increases to 45%, but can only be activated once and decreases much faster in 2 seconds.

In addition, the dragon shape of Yu Zhong is also nerfed. When this fighter hero activates his Ulti of the Black Dragon, the base damage dealt is reduced from 200-360 to 180-310.


3. Luo Yi


This magician hero with unique damage and crowd control abilities is also nerfed in this latest update.

Luo Yi’s first skill damage releasing Yin-Yang energy has been reduced from 250-450 to 230-430. Then the base damage of Skill 2 is nerfed from 250-350 to 200-280. In addition, Moonton also reduces damage and distance when Luo Yi forms a Yin-Yang reaction by 10%.

The magic power bonus from the first damage is also reduced from 50% to 40%.

4. Ling

ling mobile legends

As an assassin, Ling is one of the best heroes for his role. In this latest Mobile Legend update, Ling’s damage isn’t changed, but there are some significant Nerf effects on his abilities.

His passive ability, Cloud Walker, can make Ling climb every wall in the game. Now Ling can fall to the ground when in crowd control (CC) on a wall and his movements will be slowed by 30% for 2 seconds.

Skill 2 has a 0.4 second to 0.5 second delay when used on a wall.

Ultimate Ling, Tempest of Blades, has a pretty big nerf too. Previously this skill gave a movement speed of 30%, in the latest patch it is 10%.

5. Gatot Kaca

Gatotkaca Heroes Fighters Mobile Legends

Gatot Kaca is a tank hero from Mobile Legends who was inspired by one of these Indonesian doll figures. Unfortunately, this hero was hit by Nerf in the latest patch because the damage was too high.

In the case of passive skills, the damage is reduced through improved basic attacks in the late game. In addition, the slowing effect of Skill 1 is reduced from 40% to 30%.

Well, here are some of the most distorted heroes in this latest 1.5.08 patch. Are there any Heroes in this list that you use a lot?


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