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Strengths and Weaknesses of Lapu Lapu Mobile Legends Revamp, is that Hero OP?

Hero fighter Lapu Lapu revised in Advanced Server ML! Is it true that this hero is META? Here are the changes in strengths and weaknesses that you can find.

In Project NEXT, Moonton presents a rework of several Mobile Legends heroes Extended server, one of which is Lapu Lapu.

This fighter / assassin hero has two modes, namely Twin Blade or Heavy Sword. The twin-blade mode focuses more on the style of play Range, while Heavy-Sword is more focused on hand-to-hand combat.

Many think that the new mechanism of this rework will make Lapu Lapu an overpowering hero in Mobile Legends. On the other hand, some play Lapu Lapu felt the nerf of this overhaul.

Here are some changes from the Lapu Lapu revision along with their pros and cons. Let’s look at the explanation!


The advantages of Lapu Lapu Mobile Legends Revamp


1. Ultimate cooldown shorter

At level 8, Lapu-lapu can use his ultimate ability again after 5 seconds. At level 12, his ult ability can be used immediately after returning to dual blade mode.

Because of this short cooldown, you can also use his ult to kill jungle monsters.

2. Skill 1 is faster and does a lot of damage

Lapu Lapu’s Ability 1 has a long range and high damage, forcing the enemy to recall more often.

3. Passive skills are easier to activate

This passive overhaul of the fighter hero is arguably the best change. Now Lapu Lapu gets energy from his passive skill (previously from the stack of valor blessings).

This energy increases automatically every second and when attacking enemies, both minions and heroes. If you use Skill 1 and can hit the servant three times, 75 percent of his energy will be full. Essentially, you can collect energy a lot faster!

4. Heavy sword mode: stun, CC immunity, damage reduction

Lapu Lapu’s Heavy Sword Mode Skill 1 can stun the enemy for 1 second. If you get a cooldown reduction (CDR) you can use stunning twice, at the beginning and at the end of HS mode.

Skill 2 HS mode is similar to the old HS mode ult, but less damage with additional damage reduction. While HS Lapu Lapu’s Ultimate mode can generate three high damage blows and offers immunity to crowd control.


Weaknesses of Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu Revamp


1. No Blink Skill & Dash in Heavy Sword Mode

After using his ult, Lapu Lapu no longer has the ability to solve. This poor mobility makes it difficult for the battle hero to escape if hit in a dangerous location, and it is also more difficult to accomplish Tower diving.

2. Shorter sprint with a long cooldown

One of the most noticeable nerfs in this redesigned hero fighter is the basic Dash. Dash Lapu Lapu no longer deals damage and gives buffs. Also, the dash is shorter with a longer cooldown.

3. Ult Mode Heavy Sword No CC effect

Lapu Lapu’s ultimate heavy sword position produces three high damage blows. However, this skill is slow and has no crowd control effect at all.

Without the help of CC from other Heroes, the chances of receiving all three of these attacks tend to be slim. A lot, of course play Lapu Lapu has to adapt to this drastic change.

4. Heavy Sword Ult mode No hybrid defense and stun bonus

Previously, the HS Lapu Lapu ult had Dash + Flicker with a 70 bonus hybrid defense to help it hold out longer when chasing enemies or in team fights. Now that hero has to use his 2nd ability to get Damage reduction.

In addition, the numbing effect of his ul also disappeared. Without anesthesia, there is sometimes no time to use Skill 2 and it is also more difficult to use the Passive-ult-Petrification-S1-S2 combo.


By and large, Lapu Lapus had a previous ability: Burst damage higher. While the new version has a higher DPS if you can get 3 slashes from the ultimate skill.
Judging by its Justice Blade ability, the previous damage was significantly higher (800 + 150% physical attack) than this rework (550 + 120%).

Well, here are some changes to the Lapu Lapu makeover in terms of pros and cons. What is your income in relation to the latest makeover of this hero? Is this Lapu-Lapu version a hit? polishing or nerf?

Of course, you can expect more changes before this new version of Lapu Lapu is released on the original Mobile Legends server.

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