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Mobile Legends Build the Sickest Ling 2021, Damage One Hit Kill!

Ling is one of the best assassin heroes in Mobile legends which is often used for the role of Hyper Carry because of its high mobility and damage. One of Ling’s weaknesses, however, is her reliance on objects. Fortunately, this can easily be prevented by choosing the right build element.

As a hyper-carry, it is important to get kills early in the game to speed up gold accumulation. Because of this, high early-game damage is mandatory. For those of you struggling to get kills using Ling, this is a must-read guide!

Below are recommendations for battle spells, emblems, the craziest builds, and even gameplay tips!


The 5 best heroes for Hyper Carry in Mobile Legends

MLBB’s Sickest Build Ling recommendation

build ling 2021

Raptor machete

As mentioned earlier, Ling is very dependent on his items, so effective farming is very important to this hyper-carry hero assassin. Raptor Machete speeds up the jungle process and offers additional EXP in the jungle.

Berserker’s rage

An additional 40% of the critical damage from the Berserker’s Fury will compensate for the reduction in critical damage from the passive ling. Additionally, Ling’s first spike of power will appear after receiving this Berserker’s Fury item.

Blade of the heptasease

This item deals extra large Physical damage every few seconds and also 100% extra Physical ATK. In addition, you only need 1950 gold for Blade of Heptasease (cheaper than Endless Battle).

So this item is a must-have after Berserker’s Fury! Based on the combination of Berserker + Blade of Heptasease, Ling’s early game damage is guaranteed to be very painful.

Endless struggle

Endless struggle is one of the core elements of Ling! This item provides additional Physical ATK and real damage, especially for Skill 2.

Blade of Despair

Blade of gives Ling’s physical ATK as well as bonus damage to enemies with low HP.


Enough with the core items alone, Ling should do a lot of damage. Hence, we end up with items of defense of immortality.


The order and choice of Ling’s build items varies considerably from player to player and depends on your opponent. Some players also use magic shoes to increase movement speed.

In fact, Ling’s own mobility was already quite high. But if you feel like it’s not enough, here’s how you can build ling items:

Ling magic shoes build
Optional building (with magic shoes)

Raptor Machete – Magic Shoes – Endless Battle – Berserker’s Fury – Blade of Despair – Immortality


Jungle tips in Mobile Legends Project Next: Hero choice and rotation strategy

Combat Magic Ling MLBB


As of the next project update, only heroes who use combat spell retaliation will be able to use jungle items. One of the items recommended for Ling is the Raptor Machete (jungle item). So make sure you use retaliation for Ling’s battle spells.

Emblem Ling MLBB

Ling assassin emblem

The best emblem for Ling is the Assassin Emblem. If your opponent doesn’t choose a hero to counter Ling, use the following talent points for injury damage and extra gold:

Bravery +3

Invasion +3

Bounty Hunter +1

Optional: Swap Bounty Hunters for Killing Spree if you want to defend yourself longer in a team fight.


Brody Mobile Legends Tips: Build items for maximum damage

Tips for playing Ling in Mobile Legends

1. Focus on farming in the early game

Don’t die too often in the early game and focus on farming as much as possible. Without effective farming, Ling becomes one of the most useless heroes in the late game.

2. Kill crabs when you reach level 4

After you get to level 4, make sure to kill the crabs in the top lane to farm and dominate the early game.

3. Raptor machete at level 5-6 5

At level 5-6, turtles begin to spawn and if you use Ling properly you should have received the first item, Raptor Machete. You can start with Spam Skill 2 at levels 6-7 on your own. After that, continue farming to get a power spike from Ling’s second item. If the turtle reappears at levels 8-10, don’t forget to kill it again.

4. Do not start a team fight in the middle of the game

In the middle of the late game, many other heroes started getting their core items. Ling can play more aggressively, but try not to attack in teamfights as Ling tends to be weak in CC.

Wait for your team to start a team fight first. After all of their skills are used up, use Ling to kill the squishy enemies. From here, Ling’s role is to be the team’s hyper-carry.

5. Aiming ability 2 when using Ultimate

This is a skill combination that you need to know so that your ultimate ability is not wasted! If you’re careful, there are four carving points that appear when Ling uses his Ultimate. This point indicates where the sword will fall when the ult is activated.

Well, if Ling uses his ult, he can steer Skill 2 to this point. This method allows skill 2 to be used with no cooldown. Of course, this technique is not easy. You guys need practice!

This assassin hero also tends to be weak in his dealings with God. So make sure you only kill Lord on your own when Ling has his first 4-5 item cores and is around level 13-14. Make sure there are no team enemies around Ling if you decide to play Lord solo.

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