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5+ best midlaner players in Mobile Legends Indonesia

Mid-Laner is a very important figure in MOBA genre games, including Mobile Legends. Becoming a midlaner is also not as easy as you might imagine, as you have to bring qualified skills with you. You can learn more from the best Midlaner players in Mobile Legend.

Usually the Midlaners already know the best Midlaner heroes that can be used and that are meta-matched. If given good flexibility and support in farming, midlaner players become very dangerous in the late game. Below are some of the top midlaner players in Mobile Legend, the version of

1. Lemon

Muhammad Ikhsan aka Lemon is one of the Mobile Legends players who is currently still surviving on the competitive scene with RRQ. He’s an icon of the RRQ team, you can even call him an icon of the Mobile Legends game.

Currently, Lemon often plays as a Sidelaner as his role has been replaced by Xinn. But before becoming a Sidelaner, Lemon was a Midlaner who had an extraordinary game. You probably already know if he’s one of the best kagura players out there.

Lemon is a very brilliant midlaner and his thoughts are very difficult for the opposing team to guess. In fact, many other professional players have admitted that Lemon is a very brilliant player. He is currently still on the RRQ Hoshi team and acts as a Sidelaner.

2. Do you want

The next best midlaner player in 2021 is Muhammad Ridwan or known as Wann. He is a very important figure for the EVOS Legends team until he can finally win the M1 championship in 2021. So far, Wann has also reinforced the team of white tigers.

When is a very agile midlaner, especially when using his signature hero Harith. When has a very aggressive and calculating game. So that the enemy can only kill him with great difficulty, the support from his colleagues is also very exceptional.

3. Sanza

In 2021, Sanz has become one of the most popular Indonesian Mobile Legend players. Yes, he is the main player who made the Victim Esports team win MDL Season 1. He is currently defending the ONIC Esports team playing in MPL Season 6.

Sanz has exceptional mechanical skills, even the pool of heroes he controls is quite large. He is very aggressive when playing Roger, Yi Sun Shin, Harith and Ling. His large pool of heroes makes it pretty difficult for the opposing team to stop him.

4. Xin

Xin is indeed famous as a midlaner player who is very thirsty for skill or muscle. But such a character is really needed for a core or carry as long as you can control it. He is currently on the same team as Lemon, namely RRQ Hoshi.

Xin is a very important figure who managed to bring RRQ Hoshi to the MPL Season 5 and MPL Invitational 4 Nations Cup titles. The game that Xin showed was really aggressive. Especially when he uses his signature hero Hayabusa, his movements are difficult to stop.

5. Udil

Before the popularity of the hyper-carry meta, Udil was one of the top midlaner players in Mobile Legends. Still in the ONIC Esports uniform, he won the MPL Season 3 and the MSC 2021 together with other Kages, namely Psychoo, Antimage, Drian and Sasa.

Udil is very dangerous when using mage heroes like Esmeralda, Pharsa and Selena. He is one of the most dangerous midlaner players and his movements are difficult to stop.

Udil currently plays in the alter ego team and occupies the support position.

6. Branz

This Bigetron Alpha player is very famous for playing archery heroes indeed. He can really carry the game when given the freedom to farm. Even his movements are very difficult to stop when he is at his best.

Currently, Branz is still defending the Bigetron Alpha team that plays in the MPL arena and is currently still acting as a midlaner. When the meta-hyper-carry was not yet known, Branz was actually very well known for his Sidelaer with marksman heroes.

These are some of the best midlaner players in the Mobile Legends 2021 version of TeknoGeng. Of course if you’re careful they always use the best Midlaner heroes in Mobile Legends like YSS and Harith in both tournaments and ranks. Who do you think is the best midlaner right now, gang? Share your thoughts in the comments column.

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