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Best Combo Hero Carmilla Mobile Legends | Games – Carmilla is a new Mobile Legends hero who is very effective for team battles. This hero has Collateral Damage and CC skills, which of course are very useful for war. This ability comes from his ultimate ability.

Carmilla will provide a link to 3 enemy heroes who are close together. If one of the three hero’s targets takes damage and crowd control, the other heroes also receive the same effect. However, the damage he takes will not be as great as that of the main target, as will the duration of his stun.

With these abilities, Carmilla is very well suited to be paired with heroes who can offer crowd control and area damage. Below are the top 10 combo heroes from Carmilla’s version of TeknoGeng.

1. Hanabi

The first hero who fits Carmilla perfectly is Hanabi. Her first skill, Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage, is very well suited to pair with Carmilla’s ultimate skill. With this combination, the damage of Hanabi’s 1st skill becomes widespread and the damage done becomes higher.

Not just Skill 1, the ultimate skill will also spread across three enemies at once. Enemies already bound with the 3 abilities of Carmilla and Hanabi become immobile. They couldn’t move for a few seconds. If the enemy is affected by this effect, we can spam Skill 1 and other skills to take it down.

Carmilla Hero Combo

2. Bruno

Bruno could be an alternative to our banned Granger. Because like Granger, Bruno can also cause a lot of damage. Bruno is also quite an agile shooter, we are quite easy to position.

Not only does he have high damage and is agile, Bruno also has an ultimate ability, which is an area of ​​his ultimate ability. The ball triggered by this skill can bounce back and forth between neighboring enemy Heroes and will take additional damage.

This skill is of course very well suited to be combined with Carmilla’s ultimate skill. Enemies hit by the link take high damage. Because Bruno’s own basic attack deals critical damage. It’s not impossible if that combination can easily crush the opposing team.

Bruno Mobile Legends

3. Moscow

Carmilla is also very suitable to be combined with Moskov’s passive skill. Because Moskov’s passive makes it possible to extend his basic attack to other heroes behind the main target. In this way, the combination of these two heroes can easily suck out the opponent’s HP.

With high burst damage from his basic attack, Moskov will bring down the enemy fairly easily. He also has an area stunning ability. This will make it easier for him to overthrow the opposing team.

Moskov javelin master
Moskov Spear Champion Skin

4. Gord

Gord also features the best combo hero for Carmilla. It had a stun effect from its first ability. It turns out that this effect can spread when combined with Hanabi’s ultimate ability. That way this combo will be very effective for team fights.

After the enemy is stunned, we can kill them with Gord’s ultimate. This skill has high burst damage, so it is pretty easy to knock out your opponent. But the opponent needs to be stunned first, either by Skill 1 Gord or Skill 2 Carmilla, so that they can hit them easily.

5. Nana

Nana has a second ability that can morph the opponent and turn her into Molina. Enemies affected by Carmilla’s Ultimate Skill now also receive the same effect from Carmilla’s 2nd Skill. You become Molina, only the duration is shortened.

Not only his first ability, his ultimate can also deal high damage. Enemies hit by Carmilla’s ultimate followed by Nana’s ultimate deal high explosive damage.

6. Aldous

Aldous is famous as a fighter who does very high damage in the late game. He’s very strong for 1v1 battles, and if the other skill’s stack is high he can kill his opponent with just one hit.

Now it turns out that Aldous’ Skill 1 can be an area if the opponent got a link through Carmilla’s Ultimate Skill. It’s just that the damage other targets take isn’t as high as the main target’s damage. But we think it will be very useful for team fight. That way, Aldous will find it easier to kill the enemy.

7. Saber

This season, Saber is a very useless hero. One reason is that he can only lock one enemy hero. While the heroes commonly used these days have an area of ​​damage, they are better suited for team fights.

But it will be different when we combine it with Carmilla’s ultimate ability. Because it’s not the ultimate saber skill that hits three targets at once. It’s just that the CC duration isn’t as long as the main goal. This will of course make Saber very useful this season, especially for team fights.

8. Career

Karrie is a very effective marksman for crippling tank heroes. Because he can do real damage with his passive ability. Opponents who received 4 marks receive real damage.

Now it turns out that this true damage spreads to other targets linked by Carmilla’s ultimate. That way, Karrie has high damage again and it becomes even more dangerous for teamfights, especially in the late game.

Carmilla Hero Combo

9. Helkurt

Helcurt is the best assassin for stopping marksman heroes from moving. Because it can give the target a silent effect so that they cannot spend skills or basic attacks to get that skill.

Now we can maximize that silence effect again with Carmilla’s ultimate. This effect can be an area after the enemy is connected by Carmilla’s ultimate. This way, enemies exposed to Helcurt’s Link and Passive will not be able to use their abilities for a few seconds.

Carmilla Hero Combo

10. Selena

The last hero we can pair with Carmilla’s ultimate is Selena. Skill 2 Selena shoots catfish from a distance in Elvis mode and emits a stun with a sufficiently long duration. The further the shooting distance, the longer the stunning effect.

Enemies hit by Carmilla’s ultimate will now also gain a stun effect after hitting a main target with Selena’s 2 skills. This way, Selana will be very useful for teamfights as well, not just for a goal.

Create the latest items and tutorials for Selena Mobile Legends
Selena Virus Skin

Shut down

These are the gangs of some Carmilla Mobile Legends hero combinations. Carmilla is very well suited to be combined with CC heroes and high damage, as well as heroes who can damage the area. Do you have any other combo heroes? Share your thoughts in the comment column, people ^^

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