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Athena's shield function, Anti Hero Mage Mobile Legends Item | Games – Items or equipment contain aspects that we need to understand when playing MOBA genre games including Mobile Legends. Knowing the item, the hero we are using will have increased strength, be it for attack or defense.

One of the items in Mobile Legends is Athena’s shield. Butterfly wing items include defensive items commonly used by tank heroes. This item is often used in dealing with mage heroes like Gusion, Kagura, and Chang’e.

In this article, TeknoGeng will go into more detail about the features of TeknoGeng Athena’s shield. What are the benefits of this article and what is the best counter for this article? Let’s just take a look at the review below.

Base status

+900 hp: Although not as big as the cursed helmet, Athena’s extra HP is still very high. In this way, our blood will be thicker when we purchase this item.

+20 HP regeneration: The HP regeneration of this item is very low, but the main selling point of this item is not the HP regeneration. For HP regeneration problem, Skyguard’s helmet is the best article.

+62 magic defense: The main selling point of Athena’s shield item is the very high magical defense. That is why Athena’s shield is the best item to use to fight magical heroes who have very high magical damage.

Unique passive: shield

Aside from the high magical defense, another selling point of this Athenas Shield item is its passivity. The passive is that it offers a shield that Absorb damage by 170 to 1150 points. This shield is activated every 30 seconds. Shield absorbs more damage if the game lasts too long.

In the game itself, this passive from Athena’s shield is very useful, Gang. We think of this shield as HP that can reduce the opponent’s damage. This passive effect won’t be felt until late in the game, when this shield can absorb a lot of damage.

Against Athena’s shield

The heroes who can passively counter from Athena’s shield are Esmeralda. Because he can steal his opponent’s shield. So this passive item doesn’t work when dealing with Esmeralda, it only increases her advantage.

Items that counter or counter Athena’s shield are Divine glaive and Genius wand. Divine Glaive can penetrate our magical defenses up to 70%. Reduced magic defense by 30 points during the Genius Wand.

That way, the magical defense of Athena’s shield won’t mean much when facing heroes who use these two items. You should combine it with other magic defense items, such as Damn helmet or Oracle.

For whom is it suitable?

In fact, Athena’s shield is a flexible item that can even be used by core heroes. If we use shooters or mages, we can buy Athena’s shield when we become the target of enemy mage heroes like Harith and Gusion. But basically, this item is often used by tank and combat heroes who are usually in the front row in team fights.

The method of purchasing the item is also flexible according to the heroes you face in the lane. But usually this item is bought in the early game or after the shoes in the second slot to ward off damage to heroes magical breakout like Gusion. Since the magic-type hero dominates in the early to middle game, you should buy Athena’s shield as early as possible.

You can pay for it in installments first by buying it Silent robesIt’s just that the effect isn’t as great as Athena’s shield. You should buy an item made from wooden mask so that you can easily get gold when using tanks. Because the price of Athena’s Shield is also quite expensive in the early game.

That is the discussion for this time Athena’s shield function. Hopefully after studying this item you can be even better at playing Mobile Legends. Hopefully this article is useful, enjoy your rank and don’t forget to take a break folks ^^


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