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10 Strongest Basic War TH 7 COC Anti 3 Stars 2021

In the game Clash of Clans (COC) there are several special techniques or possibilities to create the most powerful and difficult TH 7 COC base war for the opponents. By using some base This allows the player to control the course of the game and you can knock down your opponent with one attack. It is not wrong if this level has become a favorite for Clash of Clans game enthusiasts and for those of you who want to top up online games, especially COC, UniPin can be done easily and conveniently.

When the player reaches this level, the opponent’s goal is usually to destroy first. Nevertheless, this TH 7 base is one of the most difficult to penetrate. Below are some strategies and designs Base war TH 7 that you can use.

Let’s listen, 10 strongest TH 7 COC bases Anti 3 stars 2021

Base War TH 7 Anti-Dragon

This is the most powerful anti-dragon base war defense technique capable of repelling airborne dragon attacks. Given the technique of the kite, which has high destructive power by putting air defenses on the core and the outer ring. So the dragon will definitely revolve around your base. At this point you can counter your opponent.

Base was TH 7 Anti Giant 1

Giant is a character from Clash of Clans who has a big body and a lot of blood. Giant is very powerful as a shield for your troops when you stand behind him. To repel attacks by these monsters, you can set up some traps that you place at the gate. This will of course make Giant a hassle and overwhelming when passing the trap. One could say that this strategy is the strongest TH 7 defense technique.

Formation Base Farming TH 7 1

Base farming that you can usually use to get protection sign and protect yourself from the attacks of your opponents. This strategy certainly offers full protection for Looted items to like dark elixir, gold and elixir from your opponent. When you use this technique, your opponent will have difficulty stealing your items. Hence, COC players usually use this technique.

Base War TH 7 Anti Hog Rider

Base was TH 7

This roster is one of the favorite characters for players who have reached TH 7 and TH 8 and above. The Hog Rider’s movements, which include agility and skill that can jump high walls, make it difficult for your opponent to block him. Even if the player has a strong TH 7 Coc Defense, you should be careful with the Hog Rider. Because Hog Rider’s goal is to destroy your opponent’s defensive base.

Base TH 7 defense trophy 1

Base was TH 7

That base will focus on defense and trophies. This strategy is effective in reducing opponents who want to get more stars and can reduce the opponent’s trophy. Usually this technique will suit you when it happens Clan war. In fact, professional players still often use such layout techniques.

Anti-dragon base 2

There are many air defense buildings in this base. The building protects its attacks from your opponents.

Base Defense Trophy 2

This is a base that aims to defend against your opponent’s attacks. So your opponent won’t get the trophy.

Base anti 3 stars

This is a base that can prevent your opponent from getting 3 stars when attacking your base. You can tell from the shape of the base that there are many defensive buildings.

Basic agriculture TH 7 2

In this base, your base is protected by receiving protection sign. The base contains many defensive buildings and there is a strong protective wall.

Anti-giant base 2

Base was TH 7

There are many traps in this base that will catch the giant. After the giant is captured and destroyed, you can attack your opponent’s troops.

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This is the discussion of the 10 strongest TH 7 COC base wars. Are Vexa friends interested in using this base? Or are you already using it? Until next time..

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