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COC TH 9 strategy with Levaloon Combo Com

COC TH 9 strategy with the Levaloon combo, increasing the town hall level in the Clash of Clans game can affect other buildings like barracks that will unlock your new warriors. The higher the TH, the more different soldiers you can use in combat. Once you’ve stepped into TH 9, your attack combinations also become more diverse. You will also unlock the Lava Hound Warrior (Dark Barrack at level 6), which you can use to start Lavaloon combos (Lava Hound and Balloon).

This lavaloon combo focuses on air strikes that can cripple the enemy’s air defenses, with an emphasis on air defense. This allows the lava dog and balloon you have to be free without the danger posed by air defense. The COC TH 9 strategy with the Levaloon combination is discussed below.

Let’s look at the COC TH 9 strategy with the Levaloon Combo

This is how the Lavaloon combination works

COC strategy TH 9
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The first main task of this combination is to disable all of the enemy’s air defenses. The air defense building is very dangerous for the balloon, so you will have to destroy it in order to defend your balloon until the end of the war. The main job of the Lava Hound is to be a Tanker for the balloon troops. The lava hound has high HP and can outsmart air defenses by exploding into a group of lava pups. Because the main task of the balloon is to be able to paralyze the air defense as quickly as possible before the lava dog dies from an attack. After all of the opponent’s air defenses are paralyzed, all that’s left is to see your opponent’s base flat on the ground!

The advantages of Lavalon:

  • It’s very easy for you to use and doesn’t require many steps.
  • It doesn’t take long to scout out and determine the direction of attack as the main objective is just to hit the air defenses.

Disadvantages of Lavalon:

  • The cost of leveling up a Lava Dog is expensive and takes a long time when you’re at the beginning of TH 9.
  • Requires a high level hero

Lavaoon preparation

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Of course, if you use the lavaloon combo you will need lava hound and balloon troops that have levels including the max. If you are in TH 9, it is enough if you only bring 2 lava dogs with you. While you are in TH 10 and 11 you will need 4 lava dogs. After you have brought the lava dog with you, you can load all soldiers with a balloon troop. If you are using Minions as a. want to use Fuse It could also be because they are from the air unit as well. You will also need some high level spells and heroes to aid your victory. You can bring some healers with you so that you can perform the Queen Walk strategy which is very useful for crippling the opponent’s open air defenses.

For Spell, here are the compositions you can choose from:

  • 2 lightning spells + 1 earthquake spell (deactivates 1 air defense) + speed spell
  • 3 parts angry magic + 1 frost magic
  • 1 rage spell + 1 frost spell and 1 clone spell
COC strategy TH 9
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How to use the lavaloon combo

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There are five key steps to look out for when using this combo. These steps will determine your victory which is very easy for you to use. Here are the steps to look out for:

The first step

The first thing to keep in mind when attacking with this combo is “Scouting”. Underneath, you can easily determine the direction of attack on the enemy, because your goal is air defense. First you pay attention to where and at what level the enemy’s air defense is. Don’t forget to also pay attention to the direction of the opponent’s Air Sweeper if it threatens your air unit.

You can cast a spell to destroy the Air Sweeper that is near the air defenses or attack directly from behind. You need to pay attention to whether or not the opponent’s X-Bow is in air attack mode in order to pay attention to your attack. This first step is key to your next strategy.

Second step

Air defense is in either the second or third shift in the rear defense position. Hence, you need to send the Lava Hound so that you can deactivate it first. An air defense requires two lava dogs to destroy it. An effective attack route is from two sides, namely the right and left air defenses. You need to remember to never attack in one direction and close to each other as this will cause the two lava dogs you have to become paralyzed together.

Third step

When your opponent’s air defenses are busy attacking the Lavahound, you can use balloons to disable existing air defenses. Balloons will kill many outbuildings before they can touch the air defenses behind them. Balloon moves very slowly, so you will need haste or anger spells to aid the movement.

You have to be careful when attacking with balloons, make sure you attack in a straight line with the enemy building. If you end up attacking him, all of your balloons will collect and lose them easily. If you use minion troops you can incantation they are behind balloon.

fourth step

If you have a spell combination of 2 lightning spells + 1 earthquake spell, you can use it to deactivate another air defense that was not touched by the lava dog. If you have paralyzed all of your opponent’s air defenses, your main enemies will now only be the Inferno Tower, X-Bow, Wizard Tower and the enemy’s hidden Tesla. With the two heroes you have, clearing out the rest of the existing towers will of course help a lot. You can also use the frost spell to cripple the opponent’s inferno tower.

Fifth step

If you still have and keep warriors from the clan castle, you can use them when circumstances allow you to get 3 stars. The rest of your soldiers in battle will actually help you get 3 stars. Just wait, your opponent’s buildings can be leveled one by one.

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This is the article about the COC TH 9 strategy with the Levaloon Combo. How about some Vexa friends, are you interested in this strategy or have you even used it? Try writing the comments column below. Until next time.

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