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Placement strategies for the strongest special defense bases TH6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

To protect your Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, or defend your troops from enemy attacks, there is a strategy to create or create strong and best COC defense bases so that your bases are not easily destroyed by the enemy. Is required.

Choosing the strongest and best base in each TH is the right choice.

To put together a COC defense, there are many important points that should not be overlooked. For example, placing defenses in the form of mortars in the center of the base. Some of the tips below can be examples of strong defenses by doing the following:

Especially TH1-7

TH 1 – 5 defense points The keys are Mortars, Cannons and Archer Towers.

On the other hand, you don’t need much air defense, as you’ll rarely attack from the air, such as balloons or healers. But you should prepare at least level 2 air defense, especially his TH 5.

Placing mortars in the center of a village is the best choice to prevent giants and other ground forces from invading, stealing resources and destroying defenses.

Archer towers and cannons should be placed around every corner to protect storage. TH 5 is best, as it already has a Wizard Tower not far from the mortar.

Defense level should be considered. At least the defensive building level complies with TH.

If your highest TH 4 defense should also be level 4, you want them all. For TH 1-4 defensive priorities, prioritize artillery at level 4, archer towers at level 4, mortars at level 2, and air defense at level 1 only.

For TH 5, the priority is Mortar Level 2 or 3, Cannon and Archer Level 5, Air Defense Level 1 or 2, Wizard Tower Level 1 only. The rest can be upgraded to max level.

Regarding TH6 You should already think about air defense.

At this TH level, there are many attacks using combination units, such as carrying Giants, Balloons, and Healers.

Next, mortar is level 3. Acher towers and cannons are at least level 6. The Wizard Tower is level 2. This is the minimum defense.

7th It’s a TH who already has a dragon. In wartime, if your defense is not solid, your opponent will easily break through.

To do so, keep an eye on your ground and air defenses, such as air and mortar defenses up to at least level 4, Archer towers and cannons up to level 7, Wizard towers up to level 3, and Hidden Teslas up to level 2. please pay defense.

Don’t upgrade your TH if your defenses aren’t maxed out, especially if your mortars and air defenses aren’t maxed out.

Place air defenses preferably in the center of the village to prevent air force infiltration. Similarly, placing mortars in the center is the best choice to keep troops with high health such as giants and pigs in check.

Especially for TH 8 and 9

Common combinations used by TH 8 and 9 attackers are ground forces such as Hogs and Wizards, Golems, Witches, Wizards, and PEKKAs, and common air forces are Barons, Dragons, Lava Hounds, and Minions. soon.

To prevent these units from attacking the same thing in their respective THs (e.g. TH 8 VS TH 8, TH 9 VS TH 9), place the main defenses such as mortars, air defenses and crossbows in the center of the village. place.

You'll need to create special bases for TH 8 and 9 and look for loose, labyrinthine base arrangements that allow enemy forces to rotate and especially destroy defenses.

Then place the right base. For daily bases you should use the type of base farming.

For war, use a special base type of war. The most important basic types of farming are protecting Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir.

Although other buildings are less important.

In this type of base war, defending the Town Hall is critical. Also, make sure the clan castle still reaches some important existing buildings.

You’ll need to create special bases for TH 8 and 9 and look for loose, labyrinthine base arrangements that allow enemy forces to rotate and especially destroy defenses.

It is easily penetrated when using a too dense base. Especially for war, as shown in the picture, the strongest his TH8 base is Anti-He uses the complete base type, which is Dragon, Balloon, Minion, Giant, Wizard, Healer, and Hog.

Attacking with the dragon in the TH8 base image above increases the dragon’s attack range. Try to prove it.

Special TH 10

Placing Inferno and Xbow in the middle of the village is the right choice. Because the attack power of these two defenses is very strong and fast.

Then you can place separate air defenses and mortars around it, but of course, reaching each other between air defenses and air defenses. Also, make sure all buildings are exposed to the range of the defense facility. On this site you can see some alternatives for the strongest TH 10 base formations.