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7 best troop combinations to attack

Clash of Clans (COC) players will learn different COC strategies to use when attacking enemy villages using different types of combined forces to easily penetrate the heart of a defender’s defenses. I have tried to

Administrators themselves frequently experiment with different types of combined forces that have been used to break through enemy defenses.

Of course, using combined forces is very beneficial compared to using only one type of force.

Imagine breaking through your defenders with an army of barbarians or goblins, just giants, or just one type of army.

It is certain that completely destroying the opponent’s home base will not succeed 100%.

Before you can build the strongest and best combination of troops, you need to understand what kind of troops you are bringing. COC Mimin’s playing knowledge falls into several categories of army types.

  • Asbassar (Ptomorrowright cellBa B.sir) : It’s not so big, but a large life means a bloody army. Giant, Golem, Lava HoundThis type of army is worth the sacrifice to achieve victory (very sadistic, bro…). Why is it used as a sacrifice? Because the primary target for this type of troop attack is defense.
  • Pakun (support unit) : Troops of this type have the ability to back up attacks Subsar processed from behind. Making a relatively cheap troop is one of the advantages of bringing this type of troop.Target troops Barbarian, Archer, Minion, Wallbreaker.
  • Asuka Maren (Marang Corps) : The name of this green body unit that everyone should know bandit goblinTroops of this type are special Troops that only target Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Attack power is quite fast when used for robbery. However, it is slightly weak against blood.
  • pacades (Destroyer Corps) : Only rich players have this type of troops. why ? It is no exaggeration to say that this corps is a rich player’s corps because it requires a large amount of elixirs and dark elixirs as a price to make it alone.The type of troop in question Dragon, Pekka, Hogg, Baron, Valkyrie, Witch, Wizard.
  • breaking dawn (Healer Squad) : named healer

Below are the 7 best COC force combinations.

1. (Barbarian and Acher = BARCER) or (Barbarian and Goblin = BARLIN)

These troop type combinations are perfect for Mullen.

why ? Barbarians do so much aggressive damage that they can hit anything in their path. Goblins, on the other hand, can quickly retrieve Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir stored in mine buildings until they are destroyed.

Used to rob if the target has a large amount of gold and elixir so that the result is not wasted.

The trick is to look for targets to plunder with lots of gold and elixirs, have a mine building outside the walls, take notes Storage Gold and Elixir.

Do not fetch if storage is full. Get it if it’s empty. However, be aware that there are a lot of elixirs and gold. Because the opponent’s gold and elixir are stored in the mine.

Image source: ethowjob,

2. Barcer Giker Lihel (Barbarian, Archer, Giant, Goblin, Healer)

Min, did you bring a lot?

Archers, Giants, and Healers are commonly brought in by administrators during robberies. Three of these he’s enough to break through a village’s defenses. In particular, TH 6 and 7 have the largest army camp capacity.

The giant army that attacked at the beginning served as a victim to destroy the defense with the healer as a giant healer. Behind him, place the archers separately instead of in groups to avoid mortars and wizard towers.

Other types of troops such as Barbarians and Goblins and Wall Breakers are used sparingly. Wall Breakers can be used to break through wall defenses.

Place the giant first, then the wall breaker behind.

Barbarians and goblins, on the other hand, can be used as cleaners due to their aggressive nature. Giants will defeat Barbarians and Goblins if some of their defenses are cleared.

3. Full Dragon

Attacking with a full dragon is very good for use during warfare, especially with TH 7 and 8. At TH 9 and 10, performing an attack with a full dragon does not guarantee victory.

Don’t use it for raids, as you will run out of dragons. It requires a lot of elixirs to craft. Upgrading to the highest level is the best choice to increase its destructive power.

4. Giwi’s Hell

Giants, Wizards, and Healers are best used for TH 6 and 7 special attacks, with Wizards being used as backup giants.

When the defense is broken by a giant, a magician with immeasurable destructive power is placed behind it. Other combinations can bring Acher as support.

5. Hogwith

The troops in question are pigs and wizards. Troops often carried by COC players when carrying out attacks during war. Hogg jumps over walls to quickly destroy enemy defenses.

The wizard’s job, on the other hand, is to clear the non-defensive buildings from behind Hogg.

There are things to consider with this troop combination, such as hog and wizard level, the more effective the attack, the faster it is, and the more dense the enemy base, the easier it is to destroy the enemy base.

6. Gowipec

Troops of this type are very suitable for players who already have TH 8 and 9. COC players call this combination of forces the strongest combination of ground forces to carry out an attack. During war he is often used by COC players.

The troops in question are Golems, Wizards, PEKKA, and Wallbreakers.

As explained above, the golem’s job is to act as a sacrificial distraction for the defense installations while the PEKKA and wizards retreat from behind. Wall breakers are used to open the entrance to the Golem Path. The limited capacity of army camps is often an obstacle in bringing about such troop combinations.

7. Laroni

Lava hound, baron, minion. This is the best combination of air forces that can be used to carry out attacks during war.

The Lava Hound distracts air defenses for a while, then treats them with balloons to destroy the enemy’s defenses, then brings in minions from behind as vacuum cleaners.

For other troop combinations, you can make your own, for example bring golems, valkyries, and witches to perform wartime attacks or other troop combinations. Of course, pay attention to some categories of troop types provided by the administrator.

In addition to the 7 squad combinations above, if you have other squad combinations that you use frequently, please share them in the comments to this article.

Carrying spells is the best choice as a support to achieve victory. The spells you carry must match the conditions of the enemy base, so don’t forget to bring the Barbarian King or Archer Queen.