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Lst of words and phrases that motivate female characters in Pocket Girl Android

This article will share the words Pocket Girl Android used to play the game. Previously, the Pocket Girl Pro game was a simulation game widely played by netizens. Pocket Girl Android Game is actually a game released in 2023.

According to reports, there is now a new version and users are free to play the game.

The game Pocket Girl allows you to use female characters moved by words.

The order uses Indonesian, French, and Italian words.

There are many gestures you can try with words. The words of Pocket Girl Android are summarized below.

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– strip
– scratches
– lick
– OK
– Blink
– magazine
– Cherry
– scream
– photograph
– ass
– Parade
– Sweep
– touch
– bark
– fuck
– tongue
– Spank
– hot
– hello
– arm
– thing
– yoga
– Seduce
– Caress
– Pouting
– brat