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47 Keyword Pocket Girl Unlock All Action Latest 2023 girl game is currently trending among netizens. It’s like being But of course we have to find out for ourselves what the commands are so that later the character can do what we ordered.

Those who don’t understand English may have a hard time playing this game. This is because the keywords you need to enter must use English. The game itself has 47 actions and each action is definitely different. Starting with cleaning, greetings, etc. So for those of you who are reluctant to find these keywords yourself, we share them.

There are many exciting games that we can play these days. That way, it will be easier for you to choose the type of game that suits your interests.

From PlayStations, computers and laptops to smartphones, the shift in the choice of devices used by gamers has led developers to compete by offering mobile games across different genres. For example, there are simulation-, action-, and adventure-themed games for those who want to sharpen their brains.

The existence of this pocket girl game is nothing new as it has been around for several years. The selection of games is also very large. It is a pocket girl game that can be installed and played not only on Android smartphones but also on iPhones.

What is Pocket Girl Keyword?

Keywords in Pocket Girl are commands that you can enter in this application or game. That way, the female characters in this game will automatically do what we ordered them to do. Here the character cannot do everything you order.

It can only be ordered according to commands previously programmed in the game. That letter doesn’t do that, so you don’t have to type unnecessary keywords.

You can make this game as a friend when you are alone. However, please also note that this game is not yet suitable for children.

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command pocket girl

Keywords My Pocket Girl All Action

To make it easier to give orders to female characters in this game, take a look at our collection of Pocket Girl keywords below.

  1. Dance: Keywords to refer to dance
  2. jump: command to jump
  3. Scratch: Your character will scratch.
  4. Shoot: Action like after shoot
  5. Hello: command to say hello
  6. Strlp: command to unbutton
  7. Kissss: Command to kiss the bay
  8. Run: commanded to run
  9. Scream: to shout
  10. Parade: Walking
  11. January: Salute Order
  12. Sweep: Sweep
  13. Banana: The character eats a banana
  14. yes yes
  15. laugh: laugh
  16. Blink: command blinks
  17. Magazine: I read a magazine
  18. cherry:
  19. Photo: Posing during the shoot
  20. cream: eat cream
  21. tongue: stick out tongue
  22. Balance: Lift one leg to maintain balance
  23. Thigh: Hurray movement
  24. caress: care
  25. tie: i have a tie
  26. Silence: command silence
  27. Beautiful: The compliment is cute, so the character is embarrassed
  28. Kid: Don’t play pranks
  29. Mobile: Email check order on smartphone
  30. Biscuits: ordered to take biscuits and eat them
  31. Coffee: Ordered to drink coffee
  32. hot: feel hot
  33. read: read command
  34. Sleep: Give sleep time command
  35. Stool: take a chair and sit down
  36. Arms: Mocking
  37. Pouting: Giving the impression of being angry
  38. Things: Good luck
  39. Hammer: Take Hammer
  40. Burke: Become a dog

As for the shortcomings, you can enter them yourself. But using the keywords I provided above at least helped me resolve them.

How to apply for Keyword Pocket Girl

If you don’t know how to enter the keyword my pocket girl, here’s how.

  • First, just join the Pocket Girl game
  • Then you can enter your keywords in the column below
  • Press Enter to tell your character to do so.

Any command you enter will be immediately executed by your character. To see previously entered commands, simply select his three-line menu icon in the top left corner.

If you do not give an order, the female character in the game will tap the smartphone screen. That is, you are prompted to enter a keyword or command.

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With the Pocket Girl keywords I shared above, you can enter commands as you wish. Please do your best.